Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The secret to exercise..

It is 90% mental (at least for me)
The thing about exercise is that sometimes I just don't wanna... I mean seriously, I was a fat couch potato for 23 years, it doesn't just change. But, I have NEVER finished a workout and thought "Oh my heck, I wish I wouldn't have done that." (I have thought "I think I'm going to throw up" or "I'm pretty sure I am going to die.) 

Case in point the 3 mile run I just went on. I was committed to 3 miles when I got on the treadmill. .2 miles in, I thought, 1 mile will be enough... maybe even a 1/2 mile will be plenty. 

I just told myself "you said 3 miles, we are doing 3 miles." I kept pushing and I did 3 miles, no walking and it felt so good and I was proud of myself. Yes proud of myself. So here is my push:
If you are debating working out JUST DO IT! If you can't run, walk, if you don't wanna walk, bike, just do something. The couch will be there when you get done. 

Oh, and hook yourself up with some good tunes:) 


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  1. Lori I love your blog. I don't know if you know this about me, but running is the hardest thing in the world for me. I had no idea there was s proper way to run until I read the pose method of running. It might be worth your time if this is something that you continue doing. Also I have been reading everywhere about the benefits of adding weights to your workouts. Muscle burns more calories so if you build up your muscle mass while lowering your fat you are more likely to keep the weight off. I found this out first hand by doing cross fit. I've spent my whole life being a cardio queen and never lost any weight. After doing crossfit for 4 months I finally saw changes in my body and the scale. Good luck, I am so happy for you.