Saturday, September 29, 2012


I'm always jealous of Vanessa at Athena Banded Warrior when she posts her beach pictures. So I thought I would do my own version!

~Lovin' this day!

Friday, September 28, 2012

A slap, skinny jeans and LBG

Last night I texted my friend, Wendy Winn that teaches some early morning fitness classes in her hometown. I said something like

"I need you around to kick my butt in one of those early AM classes you teach, I'm slacking." 

Her response?


Me: "I'm going to. No more excuses."

Her: "Good job. Excuses are for lazy people and that's not you."

Just what I needed. "Not a you can do it", or a "you've came so far." Just a "You are being lazy, that isn't who you are. STOP IT."

Today the scale was at 165... which we have been flirting with for months now. So this is me telling you. By October 31's I will be in the 150's.

Lap Band Gal thank-you so much for leading the way. When I read your Friday weigh-in post today, I just realized that it will always be a lot of work, but my goal weight is attainable. I will get there.

Tonight I wore skinny jeans to a dinner party thing-a-ma-bob. I felt great.

THE DRAGON Warrior is back. No more excuses. I will kick this weight in the butt!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dragon Butt... TTT

1. This girl has seriously got to rearrange some things in her life.
This is how my week goes.
Monday-Friday I teach 8-4. (Really I get there at 7 and stay until at least 4, usually longer.)
        *My niece goes to the school I'm teaching at and because it isn't her neighborhood school we are in charge of transportation, which I love, but it takes extra time every night to run her home...

Monday night from 5-10 I work as a clerk at a motel.
Tuesday nights I don't have anything "formal" planned, but life just happens. (This Tuesday I had dinner with a friend at 5 and then tried on bridesmaid dresses at 7.)
Wednesday's I have church meetings.
Thursday's I work at the motel again, 5-10.
Friday nights I usually don't have planned... but at this point the only thing I want to do is sit on my butt.
Saturday's I work on the ranch.
Sunday's I devote to church meetings and trying to recharge my batteries.

2. The way I have my life set up right now I am seriously NO FUN! I also make excuses about exercise. I have got to fix it. Somehow.

3. Most ironic part? I can live on my salary without any of the extra money. I just don't. I like to put money in savings. I like to pay double car payments. Make home improvements. Whatever.
Really, I'm not willing to compromise my new found health and my continued health for a little extra money. I'm committing to exercising 5x's a week. NO EXCUSES. Remember this girl: Excuses?

4. Why is ice cream so good?

5. I think I may need a smidgen added to my band.

6.  Seriously need to work on the leg weights so that I can rock the cute bridesmaid dresses.

7. I get to buy new Cowboy boots for the dress. SO EXCITED. I think I found them.

8. I'm moving cows this weekend. Including tomorrow. I know, I know, more work... but really I love it and it will be a happy exhausted:)

9. Anyone else think it is terrible that I am 25 and really don't have a social life. Beyond the crazy schedule, I really just don't like the type of superficial relationships that come from the social scene. I'm just no good at it.

10. Something I've always tried to deny, and get over, that I have finally come to terms with? I don't like to watch movies. Especially in the theatre. Really nowhere though. If I am at home I have to have something else going on too.

10a. I just decided someone should marry me for my work ethic and sense of humor. :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I need a map...

You know how some people get the lap band and then say "I just forget to eat" or "I never get hungry." There have been times in my journey that I thought I was about there. 
Someone I love has the Lap-band... and that really is the case with her. She just never wants to eat. EVER! 

How does a person do it?

I don’t want to stop at 165, or 170… whatever the heck my weight has been the last week.

I want get to goal.

I want to weigh 145.

I want less belly fat!! It drives me freaking bat shit crazy.

Most importantly, I don’t want food to control my life. 

What happen to the girl who exercised every day? Who only drank water? Only water!

I want to eat to live.

I don’t know how to do it.

I know how to exercise. I know how to eat healthy.

I don’t know how to make sure I don’t wake up one day and say “to hell with it! I’m going to eat what I want, when I want.”

I’m lost. I kinda feel out of control.

Right now food is in control.

“It’s impossible” said pride.
“It‘s risky” said experience
“It’s pointless” said reason.
“Give it a try” whispered the heart. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weigh in

Start weight: 277
Last week: 168.4
This week: 167.2
Weekly loss: 1.2

Total loss: 109.8

Lowest weight: 162.6 (for like a day.)

I'm gonna keep on keeping on. Just like my friend the Warrior said HERE, we already know how to lose weight.

WE. HAVE. DONE. IT. Keep at it ladies. One ounce at a time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Then and now...

227 (50 pounds down from my start weight)

166 pounds:)

Same Silly Silly dog!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just Jump

Sometimes you have to be bold.

Take risks.

Just jump.

Even when you can't see the bottom.

Thats what I am doing today.

Will I land on my feet or face? No fear, I will report back!

"How we live our days, is how we live our lives." Annie Dillard.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


1. My Dave always says "sometimes all you can get done in a day is just surviving." I heard that. I'm just getting by for a day or two. No stressin', not much I can do about it.

2. I'm not good with change. I try to be. I pretend I am. I fake it until I make it. In reality it takes me a good couple of weeks to feel like I’m "on board,” especially when it is adding a new person to my life.

3. We are headed into fall "cow season." It is about to get crazy busy until the middle of October! YAHOOO!

4. I didn't go crazy yesterday after an epic weigh in. Maybe I am growing up?

5. I haven't been feeling well. To bed at 8, anyone? Oh, just me?

6. My students are amazing. They make me laugh and smile every day. Occasionally I have to ask myself "how do they come up with this stuff?"

7. I believe that the students in my class, though struggling in some areas academically, they have an uncanny ability to read people's body language. If you come in my room acting like you are about to get eatin' alive by mad monsters of the west coast, you are probably right. And I will sit back with some ice cream Greek yogurt and watch the show. If you are going to not like these awesome kids "just cuz" then I'm not going to help you out. These kids are the

8. Feels nice to semi have my head on straight over this weight loss business. Must be the routine I'm back in and all that jazz. I've kinda found my happy place again. I always know I'm in a good spot when I can eat just ONE cookie and be done. I learned about not excluding foods in "Lorie world" the hard way. IT WAS NOT PRETTY!

9. Everyone once in a while I want to be really unprofessional and roll my eyes when someone says something stupid. I always think of my Mom when she used to say "Your eyes are going to get stuck like that." Sometimes it stops me, sometimes it doesn't.

10. I realized just this week that I had started to be "more serious." I think that it was noticeable to me because it was a forced, unnatural change, like I just thought "alright lady, you need to grow up." Well, that isn't going to happen. I don't have the energy to be something I'm not and being serious is just too much dang work.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weigh in Wedensday

Begining weight: 277
Last weeks weight: 172.4
This weeks weight: 168.2

Weekly loss of: 4.2 pounds
Total loss for the journey: 108.8

Victory dance.

This is also the day I report in about my challenge. We have to report in 4 categories.

Here they are:

1. Total physical points: 78/90
2. Total spiritual points: 90/90
3. % of weight loss: 2.38% (4 pounds)
4. Total points: 208

1 week into a challenge with points and such and it is the longest i've ever made it. Maybe this one will stick?

Thursday, September 6, 2012


1. I worked out twice yesterday and drank water like it was my job.
     *weights in the morning, and a run in the afternoon.
I went to the gym this morning too, just sayin'.

2. My muscles are crazy sore.

3. I had bacon for breakfast. Bacon and cheese! Yumm.

4. Getting out of bed in the morning has never been an issue for me.... unless I'm getting up to exercise, then I think it is negotiable? WTH? So, my brother (Squishy) and I have been keeping each other accountable. It has been awesome!

5. My GREAT brother Squishy is going to get my car ready for me to go out of town tomorrow.

6. I'm going to watch my Sister compete in the third day of a horse show, (Today is the first.)

7. There is a group of us bandsters that have been at it for a year + that each feel like we have 20-30 ish pounds to finish up this journey... maybe we should put together a challenge? Or a support group? Something.

8. I keep myself crazy busy, it is my own fault. It is how I've always been and it works. But since school started I haven't been able to turn my mind off and sleep. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

9. The scale is slowly going down. I had hoped that some of the 6-7 pounds I gained in 4 days was water weight, or poop, or something, but alas, it was fat. Slowly sliding back down.

10. My lowest weight in, well, longer than I can remember (I remember very clearly putting my real weight on my drivers license, much to my mothers surprise and it was 190.)  So adulthood. Was 162, this summer. I'll get back there, then blow past it. I'm heading the the 150's who wants to go with me?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weigh in

Man, I'm embarassed to post this (but I have always been honest in my weekly updates). Here it goes anyway...

Start weight: 277
This week: 172.4
Last week: 167.5

GAIN: 4.9 pounds. Down 2 pounds from yesterday.

Good news, I know how to get it off.

I'm going to get to the 150's. Yep, the 150's.

This is how:
I joined a "get healthy challenge." It starts today. There is money involved. It already beat my butt out of bed and to the gym this morning, so this just may work.
The get healthy challenge "report date" is conviently on Wednesday's. Isn't that nice? I thought so.
This is how it works, you get some points awarded daily for the following activities:
5 fruits/veggies- 2 pts.
No eating after 9- 1 pt.
48 ounces of water- 2 pts
No sweets- 4 pts. 1 sweet- 2 pts.
30 min exercise-5 points
Encourage another player- 1 pt
Read spiritually uplifting material- 15 min/daily 5pts
Daily prayer- 5 pts
(You can only count each of these 6 times in one week. Essentially giving you a 'free' day, but you don't have to take everything off in the same day.)

Then there are weekly points:
10 points per pound lost
maintain weight- 5 pts
gain weight -10 points per pound
Healthy BMI- 5 points
FHE- 10 pts
Attending church- 10points
Then there will be a weekly challenge worth addtional points.

Other news. My brother and his beautiful bride-to-be have moved the wedding date to December 13th. I may not be at goal by then, but I'm sure as heck not going to be in the 170's.
And yes, I am aware that this day isn't about me... really at all, but I will have to be in the pictures. :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So my brother, Squishy, got engaged. :)

She is adorable.

We love her.

She asked me to be a bridesmaid.

I'm estatic to say yes...

Now I need to get on the ball and get moving. I am going to be at goal weight for their wedding in April. 25 ish pounds. Totally doable.

This morning the scale was not kind to me, mostly because I ate the long weekend away. NO JOKE. Will I ever learn?

The scale read 174. WOWZER!

Guess we will see what the official damage is tomorrow.

I start a "healthy challenge" that a friend of mine is hosting. Starts September 5th and ends November 28th. Now in the past all forms of "points" and such backfired pretty harshly, so we will see how it goes. This time there is MONEY involved:) Of course I'd like to get my hands on some cash!

I'll post the rules and regulations later today!