Sunday, January 8, 2012


After a pretty epic day with the scale on Friday.. this is what Saturday turned into.

Breakfast 1 Large banana- 120 calories
Breakfast still? 2 servings of crunchy cheeto's- 320 calories.

Lunch: 2 Chicken strips 400 calories
White Gravy- 200 calories
Hot Chocolate- 112 Calories

Snack? (Who knows) 2 cups fruit loops- 220 calories
Finished the cheeto's 2 servings- 320 calories

Dinner: 3 (YES 3 FREAKING SLICES) pizza - 840 HUGE calories

2 brownies- 200

For a total of 2,733 calories.

Can you imagine? What go into me? The scale said 195.5 this morning. I'm going to have to do some major, major damage control in the next couple of days.

I thought I was so in control of the food I was consuming, guess old habits die hard.

Recovering (hopefully) food addict.


  1. OMG! ~ We had the same day ~ I was well over ` 2348 cal!!! I even ate a twix! Right after I saw 158 on the scale!! Self Sabotage! Its ok ~ one bad day ~ get right back at it!

  2. We all have bad days! Just brush it off and remember tomorrow is a new day. Get back in the saddle and go for your goal! Hang in there!

  3. It happens to all of us, pick yourself back up and move on!

  4. I have those days every day! I think as women we get ourselves down when there's no need to get down. I do this all this time and I'm sure it drives Shaun crazy. One bad day won't completely ruin all your goals. I'm proud of you still :)