Sunday, January 1, 2012

my cup runneth over...

Or not. 
So here is the skinny, I have complained a few times about how the last 20 pounds must have come from my chest. Proof? I went to VS and decided I'd have the overbearing girl measure me. The results?
I was wearing a 42 DD and am now wearing a 36 C.

Her face was priceless! I'm excited about having a bra that fits. A little sad that weight has to come from my chest.


  1. Hahah - had the same experience last week.. was wearing a tight 38C and now I am in a 34b... adios tatas!

  2. It's sad indeed. I went from a 40D to 34 C ....I look like a boy in a sports bra now....just not fair. But it is a sure sign the weight is coming off, congrats!

  3. That's a good problem to have! I'm kinda sad about losing the weight there too, but I'll take it over being obese!