Thursday, January 5, 2012

10 things Thursday

Who started this? I feel like I'm stealing something that doesn't belong to me, but I'm going to do it anyway.

1. My body has been rebelling against me tonight. I think I may be pushing the running a little too much. (I just want it documented here, because one day it will be easy, and I don't want to forget how far I've came. Running 3 miles @ 5 mph is really hard for me right now. I just want to remember that one day something will be easy that used to be REALLY FREAKING HARD!)  I'm thinking I may need to up my calories a little. Which my fat mind is rebelling against. (Last night I ran so hard that I couldn't eat dinner, every single thing I thought of made me want to hurl.)

2. I'm thankful my parents have a treadmill, so I can think about hurling at home. (Some people hate the treadmill, I like it. To me, hell would be doing 15 laps on the tiny track at our local rec center for 1 MILE! I'd lose track before I got to 45.)

3. I think I may be slightly addicted to my phone. No good.

4. I got new glasses... and I love them.

5. I'm going to post on what a typical "day of eating" for me  is like ... sometime.

6. Running is my favorite form of torture. Just always feels like the best work out for me.

7. I struggle getting 5 days a week of exercise in. I'm really good at 4, maybe 3. 5 I have to work at. Especially if they are going to be meaningful.

8.  The bike tonight made my woman "bits" fall asleep. Thought I was going to fall over before I could get feeling back.

9.  I went shopping last Saturday (had to take money out of savings to pay my gas bill) but got new clothes and they have been fabulous.

10.  It must be the clothes that fit because the ladies at work have been going crazy this week. "Shrinking woman" has been tossed around. Someone today also commented on how much water I drink. I thought "you ought to see how often i have to run to the bathroom."


  1. It is funny what a difference new clothes can make... especially when they fit you just right! Everyone at my office is convinced I went to America and lost two weeks... when in reality, I went to America, bought clothes and lost 9 lbs... hilarious. Keeps them on their toes!

  2. Shopping was so fun!!! We haven't got to do that in awhile and I'm so glad we did!