Monday, January 23, 2012

Amazing advice...

First of all, there are amazing people in the world... And the ladies especially in my life ROCK!

Here is the advice:

1. Amber and her conviction that anyone can run, anyone.
1a. Amber she always tells me when the butt sagging pants are out of control.
2. Sheleah when she said "tell yourself you're going to get up each day and nourish your body." this reminded me that this isn't a diet. It is how I'm LIVING.
3. Erin when she told me "running is 90% mental." I always remind myself of that when I want to quit.
4. Amy when she put into words what I couldn't "Wow Lorie I think that's awesome! I'm glad that you're so open about having the surgery. I was always so afraid that people would view it as "cheating" or that I was too lazy to do it on my own and so my biggest fear was people finding out about it. The one thing that I hope everyone learns from you is that it is still hard work and you still have to be very disciplined. Lapband is not a's a tool and sometimes the easiest things for you to eat are the wrong things. Granted I have never been the whole exercise guru that you are, but it was still a long hard journey! And one that I have never regretted even with some of the side effects that come with it. I'm so proud of you and I wish you the best! You go girl!!!"
5. Jolynn and Jolene, thanks for always letting me talk about my big ole butt!
6. Mom, Dad, sister, brothers! The support and advice through all the hard life changes! Il admit, I haven't always been a sweetheart!!
7. Holly... Remember when you told me "that feeling of death is what we are looking for" well it frequently gets me going-started-finished-:) Thanks!
8. Amy, for giving me much needed fills and advice about the band. I think she has been more helpful than my surgeon was!
9. Paul, for saying (way before I started loosing weight, or was even thinking about it) to a girl that wasn't me. "Good for you for doing something about your weight, instead of just sitting around talking about it." Isn't that true? GET UP AND GET TO CHANGING!


  1. You ARE brave for talking about your band openly in social situations. I just started becoming comfortable with it. I was at a baby shower and someone said, out loud, "So, how have you lost the weight?" Like playing chicken with me, and I said, "I had WLS." :)

    I'm glad you have so much support in your life, it's so important!