Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer adventure- Rafting and a NSV

We found a rock and soaked up the sun! Such a pretty day! 

Then we jumped off of the rock. That water was FREEZING! 

Then we had a timed group shot.

NSV? I wore that same bathing suit/shorts combo last August at Lake Powell.
I love this lap-band!

Oh- and how nice is Texas? I didn't wear a hat or sunglasses (why? I have no idea,) so he let me wear his.


Start weight: 277
Last week:181.2
This week: 174.2

Where did that come from? Amazing-sauce

Week loss: 7 pounds.

Ummmm.... I'm rolling with it. I'm gonna keep at it.

Stay tuned for a rafting post and a NSV.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer bucket list- 2013

So last Summer I wrote a list of things to accomplish so that I would know exactly what I did with my summer... So this is the 2013 list-

  1. Rafting
  2. Zip line
  3. Camping
  4. Camp fire cuddling
  5. Swimming
  6. Bowling
  7. Concert
  8. Fireworks 
  9. Softball
  10. 4 wheeler adventure
  11. BBQ with friends
  12. Learn a few country dances
  13. Carve name in a tree
  14. "Salmon run"
  15. Make hobo dinners
  16. Bike rides
  17. Run the Uintah 1/2 Marathon
  18. Attend a rodeo
  19. Hike to a cave
  20. Do something "tourist like."
  21. Go to the lake
  22. Meet Greg's kids
  23. Finish the dang porch
  24. Maintain the "weed" situation at my house. 
I will be documenting each adventure with pictures and a blog post. It is my attempt at being a better blogger this summer! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random-Pants- 10tt

1. I am always a bad blogger in the summer. Just too many adventures going on.

2. I'd say it was going to change, but that would be a lie.

3. I technically have the summer "off" but work pretty much full time ranching and at the motel gig.

4. I really need to dedicate a day a week to just "staying home." Either that or hire a yard boy, maid, professional organizer, laundry lady, and personal assistant.

      4a. #4 Isn't going to happen.

5. Got a new horse. His name is Dollar, but for some reason my brain wants to call him "Cowboy." Which just for the record I thing would be a terrible horse name.

6. I've been trying to paint my porch since last summer.... see 4. I think it is acutally going to happen in the near (ish) future.

7. Changed my relationship status on Facebook. First. Time. Ever. It was a big step for me.

8. Going to float the Green River tomorrow! I love me some summer.

9. Band has been a big old butt face and I've been having trouble eating. Why, oh why, is it so fickle at times? I don't have a clue.

10. I may or may not be playing on a coed softball team... peer pressure much? 2 years ago? Would NOT of happened.

10a. Thank-you fickle band, but you are still a butt face.

10 b. I have eaten well two days in a row now, when will I get my award in the mail?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I'll post more later.

I am running out the door to move some cows around and enjoy the summer weather.

I have a few things that have been buggin me and I will, of course, unload them here. Why else do we blog?

Last weeks weight (estimate, I was on the mountain): 181
This weeks: 181.2
Start weight: 277
Weekly loss/gain: +.2

Total loss: 95.8

I feel fat and fluffy... could it be all of the junk food? Ummm.... probably so.

My abs are still so sore from CrossFit on Monday.

I will post tonight. I have an update on my "2013 goals," "2013 word" and a mini goal/non-challenge.

A HUGE shout-out to my friend Robyn, she has been inspiring me for months now and I am about to get on the kick butt wagon with her!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TTT- Boyfriend edition

1. Guess I have a boyfriend. I shall call him Texas for the purpose of this blog.
    1a. Don't worry, I know you all want all of the nitty-gritty details... I will not disapoint.
    1b. Yes, he is a great kisser. A+, 10 points... well, you get the idea.

2. I still choke over the word when saying it. I have made the imporvement from saying; "ummm, yeah, this is...a.. "Texas."
To saying; "This is "Texas.""

I'm calling that a Hell-of-an-improvement... good thing he has patience, because sometimes I feel 12.

3. He says two things that will remind you that he is from Texas.

   3a. "Yeah-yeah."
   3b. "Cool."

4. I wish Y'all (ha ha) could experience it. It is so sexy adorable.

5. He is 6'1", and weighs 141.8 pounds, at night, fully clothed (jeans included) AFTER dinner... yes, ladies, he is one of those. Gross right? My friend over at Athena Banded Warrior, assured me that age would be a great equalizer... I can only hope.
Who is this person that eats to live?! Weirdo...

We will forgive him because of the following:

6. He is so stinkin' nice. Like for real. Nice in a way that I like.
       Example: He doesn't bring me flowers, he power washes the porch.
                       This is the kind of stuff that gives this girl butterflies.

7.  He is so smart and so witty. Normally I don't like witty people, buecause lets face it, if I am with witty people, then I just don't have much else going for me.

8. He has two children, and he loves them. He provides for them. Amazing.

9. He is such a hard worker. He works a bajillion hours a week and his phone rings/dings/bings....all the time. Even during dinner:) I love this. Now a normal Lady would probably be bugged, but for me it is exactly what I grew up with and gives me a sense of security. I guess, it reminds me of my Dad... who I pretty much think walks on water.

10. He thinks I am funny. This may be the best thing about him. No joke. Today, I told a joke and laughed so hard I spit out both sides of my mouth (not something I was drinking, real live spit), then I was so embarassed. Then we laughed and laughed some more. Then laughed some more.

10 a. Wanna know something else, Texas just told me about it today. I guess on our first date when I thought he was trying to hold my hand... he was actually going in for a High Five. A  High Five! Can you imagine? I laughed so hard when he told me today. Then I got embarassed again. Twice. Embarassed twice in one day? This never happens to me. I thought it was impossible... but I guess I've thought a lot of things were impossible, and I have pretty much kicked those in the crotch butt.

Texas on the phone... "multitasking."
He was actually a hand at this cow moving stuff! He went two long days in a row... 

And more multitasking...

and more....

ahhhh! More... but only the best multitasking here :) 

Summer, bloggin', boyfriends and shenanigans... and WIW

Well, my date with the scale didn't happen...

I am betting it was 180 or so. I feel bloated and icky.

It didn't happen because I have spent all of my time doing this...

 This horse, Slim, loves to slpash in the water! I wish it was a better picture. It is so funny!

So I have been moving plenty... eating plenty too. I am going to try and hit crossfit 3 times next week. 
I also joined a softball league... who is this girl? 

I'm sorry my blogging really sucks in the summer. I am going to attempt to do better. 

Now on to what you all are reading for anyway... 
Introducing "The Boyfriend." 
Isn't he cute? 
I'm going to do an entire "Ten Things Thursday" about him tomorrow. 
Hold your breath, it will be that good. :) 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Starting weight: 277
Last week: 175.2
This week: 177.3

Gain: 2.1

Total loss: 99.7

I kinda thought last week I might be a little dehydrated, I'm now sure that was the case.

Exercise has been awesome. Food has been the equivalent of a 12 year old locked in a candy shop without supervision.

I'm working on it. Where are you "Girl of Moderation?"

Saturday, June 1, 2013

730 days

Can you believe it has been 2 years?

I sure can't.

My oh my how life has changed.
.... and at the same time, stayed the same.

This is where I was at my 1 year-  356 days.

I am still grateful for all of those things.

Today I weigh 175. That is up 8 pounds from 1 year ago.

What is different? What happened?

I gained lean muscle mass.

I started crossfit.

I have tried to stop obsessing about the number and get to living.
  **I still obsess about the dang number.

I am not giving up on my goal of 145. I will get there. This may even be the year... :)

The truth is, I am finially living. I am finally just being me.

This girl is never far from my mind....
Loosing weight has changed everything and it has changed nothing.

I am no longer letting my weight hold me back.

I am a happy girl with her entire life in front of her, the sky is the limit.
but this is the girl I am these days.

I'll never forget where I came from,  just so I never have to go back. Not even for a visit.