Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Epic-ness in a dress!

This dress is a size 10! And mentioned in a previous post. It is adorable- seriously! I felt awesome! And the shoes are epic.
A young man even said "look at those legs."

This is weigh in day- and it is holding steady at 165. You know? I don't think I ever remember the scale reading 16- anything? Pretty excited for 15-somthing! :)

Have a great Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Toilet water

This is way TMI (so consider yourself warned.)
I'm in Denver for a few days.

Yesterday we did some serious shopping because I live in the middle of nowhere with practically no retail therapy, and shopping in Denver is AMAZING!

Then, we went to dinner. Yummy! I had chicken and salad. Usually if I'm gonna have a food issue it presents itself almost immediately... usually. Well we finished dinner and went to Park Meadows mall (where I bought 2 size 10 dresses, that are adorable... and of course I will post pictures.) Anyway, I was in Dill@rd's when all of the sudden I KNEW my dinner was going to make an appearance. Quickly. So I headed to the bathroom. Got in there just in time. ILean over to let the food slip out. Just then the toilet flushed automatically... splashing all over my face. AWESOME. All in a days work. Didn't feel that great for about 45 minutes after that. Walking around seemed to help. Retail therapy completely cured me.

Life in Lap Band Land isn't always glamorous, but I sure wouldn't trade it. (Please note dress size above).


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1. Like Rockband Barbie... I'm not ever really sure what day it is. I keep forgetting to weigh in and everything.

2. This morning the scale said 165.0. That is the lowest I ever remember seeinh.

3 The reason for the new low from the scale today is this:
Isn't he cute? His name is Slim and I just about need a ladder to get on him. Last year I would have needed a rock! Thanks Lap Band.

4. Being only 20 pounds from my "goal weight" I'm wondering if it is low enough. I'm pretty happy with everything except my spare tire. It just doesn't seem to get smaller... well I know it has, but it is still too big for comfort.

5. All the horse riding is adding some good definition to my legs! :)

6. I know I've been a lame blogger, but  I swear I'm reading what you all post. (Sometimes from the back of a horse via my smartphone.)

7. Those pants I'm wearing in the picture... Size 11. NOT-SAD-AT-ALL.

8. Cows are about to slow down a little, at least for a couple weeks. So I'm going to resume a regular exercise program. I'm kinda excited about running... I even bought new shoes.

9. I got a camera for my 25th birthday! :) So I've been packing it around on the horse, taking great candid pictures. Wanna see? I knew it.

Living the life! I L-O-V-E Summer! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

little advice...

Don't try and wear a swimsuit you wore 8 months ago... at least not after losing a lil weight. Not good. Don't worry ladies, yours truly replaced that womens size 20 suit with a medium tank-ini thingy, or whatever it is, and size 10 board shorts.

Now I just need the lake to be slightly warmer than glacier water. Or not. Guess I'll be adorable laying on the "beach, which is really dirt, but here in the country we s)name things what we want.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012


A few months ago (I can't remember when, exactly) Lap Band Gal posted about how she exercised not because she was training for something, or trying to "get somewhere" but, because she wanted to be healthy. (I'm probably stretching it, but that is what I remember.)
Which leads me to how I've decided to cancel my first scheduled 1/2 marathon, at least for now.
Now, as you all know, I am seriously opposed to excuses. So, I'm not making any, but If you are interested in my rationale, please read the following paragraph.

First, read this about running: Hey, Fat Girl

A little over a year ago I started a journey to become a healthier, skinnier, Lorie. With that came a dedication to moving and living more. During this journey I have discovered a love for running, pushing my body across the pavement. I like what it does for my mind and how at the end of each run I feel like I've done something impossible, something I N-E-V-E-R thought I'd be able to do. With this love came the thought that I should race. So I signed up for a 1/2 marathon.
As I've continued my 1/2 marathon training I've learned that when I finish a 5 mile run @ my typical 11:30 pace I am disappointed in myself. I should have went farther/faster! I started beating myself up about not being good enough. I've forgotten that 1 year ago I was running for only 45 seconds before needing a break.  This combination of disappointment in my running, and the fact that of the 14 days since summer vacation started I have spent 10 of those on the back of a horse for hours , up to 10, a day and when you ride that long you shouldn't feel guilty about not wanting to run too. I'm saying that for my health and sanity I will not (for now) be running a 1/2 marathon.
** I can't even explain to you the difference in how it feels to ride a horse for that many hours, compared to how it felt 110 pounds ago. I LOVE MY BAND!

In a way I am disappointed in myself, but proud too. Proud that I want to continue to love running, to love exercise for the rest of my life and I'm not willing to compromise that for a race.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

1 year being a bandster!

On June 1st 2012 I had been banded for 1 year! One year, and 110 pounds! 
I can't believe the things that have changed in my life, the difference one year can make. 

When I consulted with the nutritionist prior to my surgery she asked me why I wanted to lose weight. The number one factor for me was this:

The Summer before being banded, 270' ish. 
Down 40 pounds September 2011. 3 months after banding

1 Year being banded -110 pounds! :) 167! 
I'm sure, at 110 pounds lighter, my favorite horse Nitro greatly appreciates the amount of weight he doesn't have to lug around anymore. I wish I could explain to everyone how my body feels. Let everyone feel how even after 5 days, 10 hours each, in the saddle I still feel like a million bucks. 
Living my life instead of enduring. 
I'm never forgetting how it felt to be exhausted ALL THE DANG TIME! 
I'm never forgetting how it felt to be the fat girl.
I'm never forgetting how it felt to be AFRAID. Afraid of all the things my weight would keep me from doing. 

Afraid of being this girl the rest of my life. Getting heavier every single day. 

Instead I chose to be this girl! Getting fit, living life. Choosing to be everything I've always had the potential to be!