Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 things Thursday!

1. I bought some Mini belted steers this week. Yepper, miniature cattle:) Don't worry, I'll post a picture.

2. I think I might need a fill in this ole' band of mine, but I feel like I've been in an out a million times the last couple of weeks....

3. I went public with my journey this week. Different.

4. I'm almost obsessed with reading all your blogs.  I just barely keep it in check.

5. I love my job. Seriously, love it.

6. I do better with food choices when I'm at school. (One of my students said today "Miss Lorie, you just love M & M's, don't you?" So better, not perfect.

7. I can barely limit myself to two gummy viatmins. They taste almost exactly like a gummy bear... and well, enough said.

8. I love the movie "Pretty Woman." Random right? I'm watching it right now.

9. I've been a terrible dog owner this week. I bet they both have an add in the paper "Great dogs, seeking new human, our sucks."

10. I've only ran twice this week. How does this happen?


  1. I too take three gummy vitamins in the morning!! Fiber, Vitamin B Complex and a multi!! xx

  2. I just got some gummyvits this week and they look like bears... I love gummy bears and could eat my entire jar of gummy vits, how can they be vits i just think its a trick

  3. Haha....we have a hard time not overdosing on the gummy vitamins too. Hehe...rebels we are....