Friday, January 13, 2012

mini belted as promised!

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  1. What a cutie! Miss lorie, do you live on a farm? I am jealous if you do....I am a cowgirl inside...even had a qtr horse a few years back that I was hoping to work cows with....but there are very few around here. And I don't think the artisanal cheese maker would want me shaking up his jersey herd! Ha!

    1. My family owns a large ranch. Around 800 cows and 25 horses, and a random array of dogs! I've read a few things about you riding, what do you ride? I've shown competitively some as well but now just ride for moving cows and stuff. I love cows! :) Even better than horses.

    2. Wow! Lucky! Mainly on long island it's hunters and jumpers, but I got really into natural horsemanship for a while and was starting to ride western with a bosal. I did some clinics with, some of the guys that learned from Tom Darence and Ray Hunt. But now mainly I exercise show jumpers for my friend when her customers are in the city for the week. I am dying to get out west and go to a dude rance and help with moving cattle. Where are you? I love cows too...i love their eyes. I even got to help when the dairy cows were giving birth here...kinda gross but super cool!