Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 things Thursady....

1. My band is a fickle creature. Did you know it can take up to a week for a fill to kick in? I didn't realize it until the last fill. And then this one, .4! That means I now have more than I did when I had an unfil. I'm waiting for sweet restriction. :)

2. I'm doing a 12 week training thing for my 1/2 marathon. This is my 3rd week on WEEK ONE. Hold the applause.

3. Work was hard today.

4. Mini cow training is coming along. They don't sit and roll over yet, but I have faith they will get there.

5. Running 3 miles is not nearly as hard as it used to be. I'll run 13 miles just you wait and see. (I might walk the point 1.)

6. I read a post today (I can't remember who posted it, so please claim it if it is yours.)That with all the banded SUPERSTARS that are in this wonderful blog land, it is easy to forget that we are ROCKING this weightless business. Seriously, we rock. And we are refusing to be a statistic.

7. I think I've been in or on my first plataue. I DON'T LOVE IT but, I'm not giving up.

8. I'm still out on plastics (I know I have a long time before I need to decide.... Guess it will just depend on how bad things get.)

9. I'm glad tomorrow is fun Friday. Sometimes I just need to get back to the basics with my kiddos. :) what to do? What to do?

10. I got myself a Garmin 405. That's right I'm excited about something to work out. Kickin butts (yep plural) and taking names. I'm going to run outside with it Saturday. Unless we get some Vernal weather. Like, you know, -32 or something.


  1. Yay for half marathon training! Me too! Using the Garmin really helps me and it's fun to hook it into daily and see where I've run and how many calories I've burned. Can't wait to see the trick cows! Will they be jumping through flaming hoops soon? :) And hell yes, we are rocking this weight loss! Boo to tha yah!

    1. You are on daily mile? Me too! The verdict is still out on Tic, Tac and Toe (the trick cows.)