Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do as I say I'm doing...

Yep- Really. Here is the skinny. Remember how you go out to eat with your skinny friends? Or watch the skinny girl at the party shovel 8 pieces of pizza and a piece of cake the size of her head down her pie hole?

Well, I'm going to let you in on a little secret she doesn't eat like that all of the time, or spend all of her time on the couch... because if she did, she wouldn't be the skinny girl shoveling food at the party, but the chubby pretending like she always only drinks water and eats a salad. (I know because I've been her here.)

What sparks this? Check out this post from Lap Band Gal and all the awesome comments: Am I full of Sh*t? This post really got me thinking and analyzing how sometimes I bet my words don't match what people see.

The truth is 90% of the time I'm on track, counting calories, watching protein, staying away from desserts. When am I most likely to break these rules? When I'm out with friends at a party or some sort of celebration.

Examples: 1.  90%- I always drink water. I love it, and it is actually my beverage of choice.
10%- I will have a hot chocolate, or a glass of lemonade. (I'd actually say this is more like 2%-really, I love water)

2. 90%- Protein first then veggies.
10%- Pizza then cake

3. 90%- Running-biking-some kind of drench my fat in sweat kinda activity.
10%- Couch, movie, sweats!

4. 90% no dessert.
10% dessert the size of my head, or butt, depending on what is available.

I remember watching that skinny girl and envying her. Cursing my bad genetics and knowing that she got all the luck because she could eat like a pig. The truth is, that is a lie. There is work to be done to be healthy and there isn't anyway around it. Now when I see the slim girl enjoying herself at a party I know that Saturday morning she will be pounding the pavement, making her body hurt!

Moral of the story- don't justify your food choices by some other persons. You never know what their "actual" day looks like.


  1. I like your post and agree with it. I like LBG. We are all different and now she is a skinny girl doing skinny girl things. My skinny girl sister never sits down. She doesn't watch a bunch of TV. She is always eating veggies and hardly any salt (her cooking sucks a little). One day I will be the skinny sister and eat crazy ever so often and will exercise like crazy to keep the pounds off. I'm just saying.

  2. Amen Sista! So true. I know a ton of athletes that will drink like fish and party with a big dinner, but you bet your ass they will be out the next day running/biking or swimming!

  3. I just love your posts! I hate it when people shrug off the fact that I'll just loose the weight after I have a baby like it's no big deal. I am working my butt off to loose that 50lbs I gain everytime I get pregnant. Working out while pregnant and watching what I eat and then kicking it into over drive when the baby gets here. Meanwhile, people just think it slides right off of me. There are lots of excuses out there and justifications. What it comes down to is hard work and determination to stay healthy.

  4. Love Love Love the post. In fact I did a post over on my blog and I mentioned you...and this post...hope you don't mind!!!

  5. Been reading the last few blog posts. Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing! Just the motivation I need to get me on my feet right now! (By the way, I meant to tell you that you looked amazing at Julie's wedding, all your hard work is definitely paying off, you looked fantastic)

  6. Amen! I used to think that, too... now I know better. :)

    Great post.