1. I can wear ANYTHING in my closet right now... in fact, I really need to retire some of my "biggest clothes."
2. At a grocery store that I go to periodically, the cashier said "haven't you lost a ton of weight?" Hello HAPPY DANCE! 
3. Last night my Dad took me and my Mom to the movies (17 Miracles, watch it, love it). The seat actually had PLENTY OF ROOM! YEAH!
4. At night, when I lay on my side my hip bones actually protrude! It is so amazing and makes me feel kinda skinny! :)
5. Took my chaps in a notch! Thats right:)
6. I moved cows/rode horses, worked in the corral for 10 hours both Saturday and Sunday and I didn't think I was going to die! Success!
7. I put on a pair of size 16 jeans. They didn't fit nicely but they buttoned and zipped (and no, I didn't have to lay on the floor).
8. I rocked my leather Jacket.... I bought it 3 years ago, it was tight then, un-bearable last year, and now it is awesome! :)
9. Never gets old having people tell you how good I look.
10. A good lookin' cowboy winked at me... kid you not ME! I even looked behind me to make sure there wasn't a 6' blond lady behind me:)
11. People ask me how to lose weight? What me? I don't know:) Eat less, move more? Get a lap-band, then commit to a healthier life!
12. For the first time in my life I can see my knees... like the real deal! :)
13. The doctor said today "it is easier to find the port, you have less abdominal fat." Compliment? It is to this chubby.
14. Hiking across a field to look at a horse... someone might be breathing hard, but it isn't me! :)
15. Hearing how good I look, never! never! never! gets old! NEVER!
16. Ran 3.5 miles and felt awesome! :) I'm working to get skinny!
17. Size 14 jeans... need I write more?
18. Size 33 in cowgirl pants:) YAHOOOOOOOO!
19. Remember that day I ran 4 miles in 50 minutes? Without stopping... yeah, me too:) 12/12/11 
20. I've dropped 14.3 points on the BMI scale! :)
21. Getting someone's cast off size 14 pants and XL shirts! AWESOME! 12/19/11
22. Shopping with a friend today and didn't have to go to "the fat side" one time! 12/31/11
23. Bought size 11/12 pants:) 1/14/12
24. Zumba class and not being a complete idiot. 1/27/12
25. Run 5 miles @ 5 mph without stopping! (2/7/12) Kickin butt and taking names!
26. 9/10 pants. 3/1/12
27. loss of 27 3/4" in 5 months.
28. size SMALL undershirts. They are tight, but awesome! Hold in the jiggle.
29. Overweight on the BMI scale. (4/18/12)
30. Size 8 Jeans! June 2012
31. Size 10 dress! June 2012
32. Not feeling bad about what I eat in public. (This is a big deal, and I think it just started this month)
33. I ran 8 miles.... :) Yepper, true story! 7/4/12
34. Went in for an adjustment and my favorite Amy called me a "poster child" for lap band! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! 7/23/12
35. I'm no longer a "sitter" 10/8/12
36. Completed my first Ragnar. 11/9-10/12
37. First Crossfit class. Killing fear one step at a time. 1/8/13