Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Momma said there'd

Be days like this...

So Sunday. Oh Sunday. It was one of those days.

It started with Greg getting up with the babies so I could sleep in. He is a nice boy.
Then he got called to work.
And the babies and I did our thing.

Then something crazy happened.

The kids went wild and all the ABA training in the World couldn't have saved me.

Kids throwing a tantrum at school? For hours? Not a problem. I've got nerves of steel and can ignore just about anything while keeping them safe.

Two babies who have my heart, fight over a stool because one insists they need it so they can poop? That ends in them having a wrestling match? Well it is just down hill from there.

So we eat lunch (well I fix them lunch 50% of the herd refused to eat), 12 rolls around, 12:30... 1:15. (Naps are at 12:30/1:00) so at this point I am putting on a dog and pony show complete with balloon animals to keep them from falling asleep before their Papa gets home with the truck and trailer we borrowed so we could take the kids home and empty the storage unit he has had forever.

He rolls up about 1:40 and the kids aren't sleeping, but it isn't pretty (actually I think I text him "I've changed my mind about more kids." It wasn't a joke at the time.)

We get headed down the road and I am a ball of grouch. Greg just rolls with the tide.

Kids sleep for 10 minutes (ok maybe 60, but I NEEDED longer.)

We take the kids to their new house and see their new bedrooms (too cute.) Then I run out of there like my tail is on fire.

I know from my experience at school kids can SMELL fear. And believe me, I was afraid.

So we buzz over to the storage unit.

Get out.

Greg tries every key on his key ring.

Double checks the locker unit number.

Tries them again.

DOESN'T work. Nope. Notta.

I get back in the truck.

Silent (because that is helpful.)

We just sit there together for at least five minutes before he breaks the silence.

Quick trip to Home Depot and we are back in buisness.

So yes we borrowed a truck, trailer, delayed kids naps while Greg got done working and rounded it up (endangering my mental health) and then drove 3 hours with no keys.

My only regret? That I thought I was mad? That is funny as heck... I shoulda laughed then, not a few hours later.


  1. I was giggling the whole time while reading this, because I SO know these days. I mean, minus the kids and husband...although as a Nanny I did have THOSE days with kids that I did LOVE to pieces. We all have THOSE days :)

  2. Awwww, glad you found the humor in it even if the "found humor" wasn't very timely. I sooooooooo remember the days when I stayed home with my wee little ones and the clock would just crawl by. I was the NAP NAZI because come he)) or high water my kids NEEDED their nap but more importantly I needed a bit o piece and quiet. And there were times when my husband didn't get home until AFTER 9 or 10pm and so yeah, those days probably weren't my finest days, but you know what we all survived quite nicely I think. LOL!

  3. Now that was a day. I love that you keep your humor!

  4. Been there! It can only get better after a Sunday like that. :)