Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The post about geting a van

First off has anyone talked to Hollee? I know she was revised to the sleeve last week and I talked to her after surgery and the next day or two, but now she seems to be off the grid.

I've been in denial for months about trading in my beloved Ford Fusion (beloved, mostly because she was paid for and I LOVE not having a car payment.) I've been telling myself that I could fit all three car seats and the dogs in that car. The logistics of it weren't really in my favor, but I figured where there is a will, there is a way.

Not so in this case. They just don't fit. The car seats, not even including the dogs. Bust seriously, who can leave home without having room to take their dogs if it is a dog appropriate trip. Which is almost anywhere, in my opinion.

So, I told my husband that we should just go ahead and get a van. I need something with good MPG but my heart just wasn't in it. You know? I think that is why it took me so long to finally just bite the bullet.

This was my alternative to a van....

not my car, just an example from the internet.
Not too shabby, in my opinion. I know it is a little unique, and not everyone's taste, but I have been in love with them since they first came out. They seat 7 and get 17-23 MPG. Basically a van without having to go there. Thank the heavens.
Now we are a car payment poorer, but at least I won't be stuck at home unable to leave when this baby gets here in 6 weeks. Can't be sad about that.
Haven't gained any weight in the last month and I am so grateful for that. No other band related news. Just chillin here in Gods Country!
How are you ladies doing?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How the heck?

How does the time go so quickly and yet seem to drag on?

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and counting. Everything seems to be going well, but since this is my first go of it, what the heck do I know?

I do know I haven't reached the point of being "ready" for the baby to get here. I'm just overwhelmed by that thought.

That's how I would describe being pregnant. Overwhelming.

I oftentimes lay awake at night for hours counting baby kicks. Stressing if I don't think I feel enough of them. Stressing if he is moving more than usual.

I stop so many times in the middle of the day and "check" on him.  I'm excited when he is here that I will be able to really check on him. At least then I will be up at night with baby cuddles and spit up instead of a panic and sinking feeling because I'm not sure I have felt him move enough. **I can now see why some women rush to the ER so frequently during pregnancy. ALL RATIONAL THOUGHT LEAVES. Ugh. **

This Friday is my baby shower. I am so excited to see my family and friends! I just cant think of  a better reason to get together than little baby items.

Then I need to finish organizing the baby room and then buy anything I am still lacking.

I also have anxiety about when to pack a hospital bag? I figure I'll just push that one off for a few more weeks.

What do I know?

I hope you ladies are doing well and that your scales are being kind and your jeans are fitting loose!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Prenatal Classes

In my opinion there are two types of pregnant ladies.

The first doesn't really complain about anything. Except maybe to her husband (oh, my poor husband.) Said husband on any given day may hear about every single pain associated with carrying a baby. I say it is just their part of pregnancy :)

The second complains about everything to everyone. Even to people who aren't really listening.

I'm telling you, it drives me crazy. They post it on Facebook, talk about it in prenatal classes. In fact many are so dramatic that a person would think that they were the first to ever be pregnant. These women are convinced that they are having the most horrible pregnancy in the history of pregnant women.

I don't feel like I am exaggerating.

The second type of these women are frustrating to me, but really any constant complainer is. Some things just need to be share with your close friends and family. The rest of us know pregnancy sucks and don't really need you to go into deep details about your round ligament pain.

There was a type 2 and my first prenatal class. She was all about the I've been to the emergency room this many times.... I'm high risk because of.... The list was freaking endless. It was obnoxious. She was "One of those" who ask the same question 89 times because she wants the instructor to answer it a different way, or wants the class to know how pregnancy smart she is. Well we've all got Google Crazy lady and lots of random pregnancy facts floating around our heads, because HELLO, we are all pregnant.

I'm pretty sure she was all of 18 years old, if that. So I will try not to poke her in they eye during the next 5 classes.

The other things was, I went to the class by myself. You see, Greg loves his sports. Especially playing them and this class is on (one) of his softball nights. So I insisted that I wanted him to go to softball and I would go to the class.

I was sorry I had done that when I got there.

Anyone else ever wear their tough girl pants and then are sorry for it later? It doesn't happen to me very often, most of the time I know my own mind and know what I want/need from Greg and I am pretty upfront about. I misjudged on this one...