Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This morning I had an epic day on the scale- no reporting because we all know i'm having heck keeping the chubby me in check on the weekends but I will say it was the LOWEST weight I've ever seen. :)

Anyway, ever had a day when FAT CRACK surrounds you all day? Come on, you all know what i'm talking about- Peanut butter cake, Nutty Bars, Butterfinger, fruit snacks, chips... nasty Goldfish crackers. Thats how you know you are just jonesin' (is that even how it is written?) for a fix, Goldfish crackers? Come on!

So I turned down that fake peanut butter cake during our lunch period, it looked good but my friend assured me it wasn't. I then went to fill my water around 1:00 and those dang lunch ladies had kindly offered up that FAT CRACK as a gift to the teachers. Then when I get to my parents to let the girls run, and to run myself, Mom had been to the store with my adorable nephew, no one can tell no... leading to all the other FAT CRACK!
So all day long I've been repeating to myself "INDULGING IN FAT CRACK LEADS TO A FATTER CRACK." I will not feed the inner chubby... I will not! Peace out 190's (Well hopefully)


  1. You are so strong! Good job! I turned down free chocolate (dark and gourmet mmmmmmm) today! The moment was hard but the victorious feeling when I walked away was awesome! Keep on keepin on!

  2. Fat crack is EVERYWHERE! You really don't think about it when you're on the upward spiral... ugh.