Thursday, February 28, 2013


1. I haven't been doing so well staying away from the scale. I will endeavor to do better.

2. My eating has been on track most of the week and I have been hitting CrossFit.

3. I love, love, love my Sister's for both having the bridesmaids wear boots to their weddings. This is the pair for the wedding on March 23. After much searching, here they are:

4. I can't believe today is the last day of February. It is going to be summer vacation before I know it:)

5.  I think I am most excited to get another spray tan for this wedding business. I seriously loved the last one... if I were rich, I would get one every 7 days!

Lets recap on goals for 2013 and see how I am doing...

     A- No new clothes until I am at my goal weight- I blew this one. I needed some retail therapy. 
     B- Run 6 races, doesn't matter the length or the difficulty. Just get out there and race. Still nothing in this department, but it is still below zero... it will come. 
    C- Weigh 145 by my 2 year bandiversary. Still haven't lost a stinking pound.. ugh. 
    D- Make exercise something I just do. Still loving CrossFit... I might be addicted. 
    E- Get married. I think we are making progress, baby steps:)
    F-  Pay off Car loan. I'm working on it, snails pace.
    G- Get a treadmill at my house. I have kind of lost faith that this one is ever going to happen. I will continue to pester until someone comes to my rescue. 

6. I love my job. Some days it is hard and not very rewarding, but I seriously work with the best kiddos.

7. I can't wait for some Summer fun. Already have a couple trips planned!

8. Summer also means long days on my horse with my favorite people! It is a good life people.

9. I have to get my DL renewed... I better keep on keepin' on with the weight situation.

10. Though I haven't lost an actual "pound" I am finding new muscle definition everywhere... I am going to go get my 1 month body compistion scan tomorrow and then I will give you the deets on how it compares to a month ago when I had just started CrossFit!


  1. I feel you ~ summer is around the corner! Hope you have trip planned to the hamptons!

  2. Oh.MY.GAWD.
    I want those boots.
    In purple.
    Sooooooo pretty!!!