Tuesday, February 12, 2013

277 or 177 which hurts more?

The question "does your body hurt?" Has been on my mind a lot lately.

It took me back to my very first post titled War (I was a warrior even then and just didn't know it), which I posted Tuesday, February 22, 2011. Before I was even considering the Lap Band. My goals back then were simple, and simply put I have accomplished EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!

Reason number 5 brought me to my blog post today.

5. I am 23 years old and I hurt when I get up in the morning. 

 I remember my skin feeling tight, especially in my face.

I always felt icky.
I always felt tired.
I always felt thirsty.
I always hurt.
I always ached.

All the darn time.
Don't even get me started on the headaches. I always had a headache... Now I know I was dehydrated. My body was screaming for water. 

Which brings me to now.

Now I know what pain is.

I know what it means for every flex of the muscle to groan and protest getting out of bed.
I know how it feels to not be sure my legs will hold me to walk up the stairs.
I know how it feels to be exahusted... I didn't even know what tired was then.
I know how it feels to push my body farther than I ever dreamed possible.
I know how it feels to work a muscle until in knots up and won't relax for hours.
I know how it feels to workout until I am SURE I am going to throw up.

Now ONE HUNDRED POUNDS LIGHTER I know what it means for my body to hurt.

The difference is, it hurts now because it is becoming stronger. It hurt on that Tuesday in Februrary because I was slowly killing it with fast food and Pepsi.

Now I know what pain means, but I also know what it feels like to live.

Never forget where you started and what you've accomplished.

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work.” ~H. L. Hunt


  1. This is AMAZING! /heart u.
    I was just thinking how much my thighs hurt tonight. I had a great gym workout this morning and tons of squats at zumba tonight. Yeah, I know what pain is too! /party

  2. This is one bad ass post! You are a warrior!! The post work out pain is a reminder that we are alive!

  3. SO Fraking awesome. Yes, i love this post!!!!

  4. You're doing great! I'm very proud of you-you must be so proud of yourself. and you should be!