Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dragon Warrior = Crossfit

Wanna hear about CrossFit?
Specifically my box (gym) Crossfit Avenue, and why I really think CrossFit is going to work for me?

1. You have to register for the class before you go. If you don't show, they write your name on the white board and a DNS (did not show.) Shame. CrossFit is all about shaming you into things.

2. You can scale anything. I mean anything. If you want to quit (like I did tonight), it is almost unacceptable. The coach will cut the reps, add a band... whatever. Just DO.NOT.QUIT.

3. The coach/trainer.
Meet Billi and Colter.
They are like my new favorite people.
They could both look at me and think "I don't have time for this crap."

They don't.

Colter would not let me quit tonight. (One day I will get a picture of them, they are both rad!)

4. My box doesn't allow class sizes to get over 8. That is right, you get a trainer and there are no more than 8 of you in your one hour block.

5. Everyone is cheering for everyone. It is the best.

Tonight if I hadn't had accountability partners, had been signed up and showed up to people there expecting me, I wouldn't of went and I sure as hell wouldn't of completed the 6 rounds of the WOD named 'Sean.'

Where do you find your motivatipon to workout?


  1. Dragon Warrior you are! You are awesome!!!!

  2. This class sounds like perfect motivation. My motivation is not wanting to see my scale go back up....that keeps my ass going every day.