Thursday, February 7, 2013


1.  I have worked late every day this week, but guess what? I haven't let it be an excuse for why I'm not working out. Three CrossFit workouts DONE!

2. Tonights workout (without the warm up) was
      30 Pull ups
      30 Dead lifts
      30 box jumps
                      3 rounds for time. 

I cut that baby in half. 

      15 pull ups (one giant purple rubber band to assist)
      15 20" box jumps 
      15 55 pound dead lifts.

3 rounds finished in 14 minutes.  It was hard. I felt accomplished.

3. Which brings me to the saying "you can't out train a bad diet." I have been working out like crazy and eating more. While eating more is probably going to happen with the increased workouts, shoveling crap in my mouth is not the solution.

4. Went to the grocery last night. Bought 3 bags of food. Made it home with 2. I was too tired to go and  track down where the other went. It had my cucumbers in it. Sad day.

5. Where is the Warrior today? I hope she is safe and warm.

6. Going wedding dress shopping this weekend for The Sister! I am so excited for her. All the bridesmaids are going. I always love to get a new dress too! :)

7. Ever watched Downton Abby? It is pretty awesome. Check it out.

8. As I typed number 3- I started eating a grilled cheese. Just keeping it real. I need rehab.

9. Long week. Looooooong week. I hope there is a storm brewing to excuse all of the crazy-ness that is going on

10. I almost tossed my cookies at CrossFit tonight. Reminds me of running:)


  1. I keep hearing so many people talk about this Downtown Abby and I have no idea what it is. Maybe I don't need to know...I already have waaaaay too many tv addictions :-)

  2. New blog design is so bad ass! - You are so bad ass! Love how you keep it real. I'm still here - safe and sounds - these weather men get all crazy "storm of the century" and crap - we are getting rain.

  3. I love love the new blog design!! So amazing and as Warrior said...Bad Ass! : )
    Love #3, it's sooooo true. More true than I wish it were.

  4. Found your blog yesterday so I was doing a little reading today! I do CrossFit so I clicked the link to your CrossFit box and it's in VERNAL! I no longer live in Utah but I'm from Salt Lake City and my grandparents were from Vernal so I spent many a summer down there. It was nice to think of home for a minute. And congrats on all your accomplishments... sounds like you're rocking it!