Sunday, February 24, 2013

What if...

What if I just spent 60 trying on everything in my closet making sure that it still fits... and It does. Every peice of it.

What if I am really gaining muscle, and I am letting the scale get me  down?

What if I didn't weigh every day?

What if I only weighed one day a week... like you know, on "the day."

What if I only ate the stuff that I ate when I was first starting out?

I think, these what if's might just lead to a better out look on this weight business.

It isn't just about being skinny, it is about being healthy, being fit.

I'm gonna try it out.

Hell, it can't hurt.

I wonder if I can stand the flat chested hooker up? Stay away from her for a full 7 days. I am sure gonna try. I will weigh in Monday morning, then weigh again the following Monday.

:) Crossfit tomorrow, teaching school and working at the motel.


  1. I'm trying to stay off for a week, too! We can do it!

  2. :) yes! I've been in a big ol' stall and was thinking about all of these things. Maybe I should try and be move mindfull, like i was at the start. :)

  3. Yes!!!! You can do this. What if I just loved this post!!!

  4. What if you were so close to losing 100 pounds you could taste it...
    What if you knew the things you needed to do...
    What if we all believe in you...

    Love the blog redesign, BT Dubs!