Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedenesday weigh in and NSV... I rocked it.

I killed the weight loss this week… seriously; even lost over the weekend. Like I said I’m sick of the 180’s and I’m taking care of it.
Drum roll please…
Last week: 187 (up 1.6 from the week before.)
This week: 182.6 down 4.4 pounds
Start weight: 277
Total loss of: 94.4

NSV #1- I like my undershirts tight to help with the loose belly. I bought a size SMALL last night; 3 of them, OMG (Like I said I like them tight, so don’t get any ideas about my top size being size small by any means.)
NSV #2- Size 9/10 pants.
NSV #3- I don’t do my measurements monthly. In fact I don’t have “start measurements.” What I do have are measurements from September and measurements from last night. I’ve lost 27.75 inches.
(I'm very sad I don't have more measurements.)


  1. That's so exciting! What an incredible loss and awesome NSVs! You are an inspiration! x

  2. Way to crush it! You inspire me! Love the NSVs!

  3. Way to kill it girly! You are kicking some serious butt! Keep going! I can't wait until I can get this booty in a pair of 9/10 jeans! WOOHOOO!

  4. Sweet! I love when I lose over the weekend, it's like Christmas came early. :)

  5. Great job! Just goes to show ya what can happen if you do your best!

  6. Hooray! I'm proud of you! I love those times of great success that give you the extra push to keep on going. You look great :)

  7. Wow, congrats!!! You are doing so good!!!

  8. yeyyy, Lorie I can read your blog now