Monday, March 5, 2012

Wanna be a Dragon Warrior?!

Where have I been? I haven’t posted a blog since my last weigh in- we all know those are boring.  For once I haven’t been MIA because I’m being a slacker on the weight loss. In fact, just the opposite; I have actually lost weight the last two weekends. Now, if you have read my previous posts you will know this is a MIRICALE for me. On the weekends the food Demons chase me down, tie me to the kitchen table, and make me eat all sorts of TERRIBLY delicious things.
Remember how a week or so ago (maybe longer) I called myself a Dragon Warrior? There is something about it that makes me feel like I can accomplish anything, and I actually chant it in my head when something I’m doing (usually exercise) gets really hard. Turns out, other people like it too! I think it should be a club or something: “Dragon Warriors; kicking butt and taking names” (literally getting rid of that butt jiggle); It is all about doing better than YOU did before, not as good as someone else, just your personal best. Here are two of the comments I received just this week:

“Just ran 5 miles in the wind I so wanted to stop after 1 mile or before that actually. I kept making excuses to turn around and go home because running in the wind SUCKS! But I kept going because I remembered your blog from last week when you ran in the wind and I so wanted to be the Dragon Warrior too! Thanks for the awesome motivation, I really needed it today…”
“Dragon Warrior!! You!!  My friend, are amazing!:)”
So, what do you say? Wanna be a Dragon Warrior with me? I’d love to hear your Dragon Warrior stories.


  1. I just did my first spin class - I am queen dragon warrior!!!! xxx

  2. Um.....Hell to the yes I want to be a dragon warrior!!!!!!!! You are so badass!! I was born in the year of the fire dragon and it just so happened to be the year of the dragon um hell yes!
    This Dragon Warrior has to go to physio to get her shoulder fixed before she can fully conquer the world though.... :)
    We should have a Dragon Day here in Blog world ...MY DW story for this week is getting my ass outta bed on sunday extra early and going for a MTB ride even though I wanted sleep in. I regret nothing!

    1. You've inspired me. Wednesday will be warrior day.... Details to be posted tomorrow.

  3. I'm right there with ya girl! I got up this morning and I stepped on the scale (I try not too except for weigh in days) and WOO HOO my plataeu is O.V.E.R.! I have rolled over the 50lb mark! SO happy! Its suppose to be in the 60's here today and beautiful! I feel like I could go out and conquer the world today! Let go and run with this!