Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Becasue I don't know always know the answer...

And because it is my blog, my journey and my weight loss... I'm moving my weigh-in day, once again. It was Monday, then Friday, then Monday, so I think I'll try Wednesday. Good old Wedensday:) So here it is, and I'm not ever promising I won't move it again. I just want it to be the most accurate reading, good or bad of my weight.

Start weight: 277
Monday's weight: 187.6
Todays weight: 185.6
Weekly loss of: 2 pounds.
Total loss: 91.4

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Wednesday weigh ins are better!! Thats why I moved mine! Great loss!

  2. It's your blog and your weight loss and you can do whatever you want! Great loss this week!

  3. Every day is a good day for a weigh-in!