Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting a piece, falling to pieces and Reeses Pieces...

There are a few things that come to mind for me when someone says “piece, or pieces.”  
1.       Reeses Pieces. Seriously, I can connect just about anything to food. Lovely friend at school brought me Reese’s Pieces the day after falling to pieces, with a note about getting a piece. Don’t worry I ate that King Size box all by my lonesome.
a.       Here is how Reese’s Pieces connects to “falling to pieces” and getting a “piece”
2.       Falling to pieces: One day last week was terrible for me. I don’t know why, I kinda just fell apart. I pretty much never do that… ESPECIALLY not at school.  Awkward. So that was the “falling to pieces.” Well my lovely friends were there to tell me I wasn’t a failure, and that everything would be fine.  I joked with them about needing to just sit on the couch with a good looking boy, watch a movie, and forget about all the stress.
3.       Getting a piece: That brought up the other “pieces” (now watch where your mind is going…  I’m just talking about some hand holding and a little kissing, then maybe a little debate about cow breeds or something.)
a.       Believe me, the intelligent debate about cows is the most rewarding/difficult part to find. 
b. There is a man, but boy is it slow moving. No kissing or hand holding. Can you believe that? Somone being able to resist me for so long?


  1. It must be in the air. I fell apart on Saturday when I was really having a bad day. I didn't do the Reeces' pieces, but I would have if they had been anywhere in my presence! My wonderful hubby kept me from cheating and going completely crazy! Which leads to the last part. Back when I was younger like you (yes, your still young!) After my divorce from a complete jerk I felt so aweful about my self I ate myself silly. After 5 long years Mr. wonderful walked in and we took our time and then BAM, one day we knew it was right and then 6 months later, a walk down the aisle. Now we are approaching that 10 year mark. Now I still love him a great deal and let me tell you, losing this weight makes "getting a piece" a LOT more enjoyable! So when your ready, HOLY COW! As far as a debate about cows, there is no debate. BLACK ANGUS! keep kicking butt girlie!

  2. Falling to pieces at school is the worst...been, there, done that. I hope you are having a better week this week! Just look how much you have accomplished this past year...turn that frown upside down :)