Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 things Thursday!

1. People actually read my blog... always surprises me! It is important for keeping me accountable! :)
2. Jillian Micheals and running in the same night; kicked my butt! Then I did Zumba the next night. Ouchy, my muscles in my legs and belly are KILLING!
3. Has anyone replaced their food addiction with something else? You don't have to share if you don't want to. Or have you found your self "hiding" how little food you actually ate, instead of "hiding" the crazy amounts of food you consumed (like before surgery)?
4. My dog and the dang cut on her leg is making me crazy! Can't wait until it is healed.
5. Today is my Friday and I'm going to spend the next 4 days on horseback chasing some cows around.
6. My eyebrows need some attention. There is basically just one of them. Oh well, the cows won't care.
7. I like manly men. They are so hard to find.
8. Bought some new workout clothes. Size large! :)
9. I don't really like to watch movies unless it is just one I can't turn down. I very rarely watch the same movie twice. (Except 'Pretty Woman.' I love Julia Roberts). When I do watch tv it is usually for background noise not actually watching it (Except 'Criminal Minds.' I love Dr. Reid.)
10.  I love Adele.


  1. I have found that recently I am replacing eating with cleaning. My family hates it because I have been on a cleaning frenzy...5 big boxes have recently gone to Goodwill. I don't hide how little I eat, but I do feel the need to make sure someone is around when I am eating so they know that I DO actually eat. I have no idea why I do that since noone has ever said anything about how much or how little I eat.

  2. OF COURSE we read your blog! I love to hear what you say! I like Rockband Barbie have started cleaning like crazy! I think that is because I was to much of a fat lazy sloth to really give a rip, and now I have SO much more energy! But I have been more active with my kids, and that they love! I really haven't been out for anyone to notice what I eat, and I haven't lost enough weight yet for people to notice I'm getting smaller, but I hope that changes SOON!

  3. I have the biggest crush on Dr. Reid!