Thursday, February 9, 2012

ten things Thursday

1. I'm crazy sick of being fat and you know what? I'm doing something about it... keeps me kicking butt at the gym, and thinking twice about the food I put in my mouth.

2. I wanted to be down to 177 by Valentines day- it ain't gonna happen. No way, no how! Just gonna keep on keeping on.

3. I haven't had time to breath this week, let alone blog and comment, but I'll be back soon.

4. I'm tired of people telling me my goal weight is "too low." We shall see.

5. I ran 5 miles this week, without stopping, in 60 minutes. I'm crazy awesome.

6. 3rd Zumba class of the week tonight! I'm lovin' me some Zumba.

7. Will I ever feel skinny? I know that people won't believe me but I still feel the same. Yep pretty much the same as 91.4 pounds ago. How is that possible. I know my clothes sizes get smaller, that I can move like a crazy person (one day I'll be an athlete.) but I still feel like a morbidly obese person slinking around the Universe, trying to stay unnoticed.

8. My obsession for shoes has kinda been replaced by workout clothes- maybe work out shoes- ok- maybe it is still shoes.

9. I got selected for Jury duty! It was like a crazy slap in the face that said "welcome to adulthood." I don't like it.

10. Thank heavens tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Welcome to adulthood!!! (love that, been there done that, no fun).

    As the weight goal, girl, you are smaller then me all around (shorter, bone mass, ect), that is a perfect weight goal!!

    Anyways, good luck on the shoe obbsession, I seriously only wear four pair, scratch that 5 pair (can't forget the muck boots!) :)

  2. #5 You are crazy awesome!
    #7. I totally am right there with you! And you are an athelete!
    Keep on rocking! Jury! I didn't feel like a grown up until I had to pay a mortgage....and then only for a minute....

    1. The mortgage only made me feel like one for a minute too, then I forgot and Jury Duty slapped my face!

      How can we think we look the same? I look at you and wanna be you- soon I will be!

  3. Don't let anyone tell you what your goal weight should be. That being said - what is it? LOL

    1. When all is said and done I want to stay in the range of 135-145. Half of me:) It is at the top of the healthy BMI (Whatever that means) ha ha. I think when I set it I never really believed I would get there but I KNOW I will!

  4. Wow, good job on the running! My goal weight is 140 so I'm right there with you!