Thursday, February 23, 2012

10 things Thursday

1. I'm getting mini herefords. Yea, don't worry, I'll post a picture.
2. I was banded 1 day before my 24 birthday. It was my birthday present to myself. I didn't think it could get any better that. This birthday , I am giving myself the "present of being 110 pounds lighter". Only 20 pounds to go. Man each birthday just gets better and better.
3. I thought the hardest part of this journey would be giving up soda. He'll was I wrong. I haven't even really missed it. There are so many other harder things.
4. When I eat like crap , I don't want to move. Then it just turns into this cycle. I can identify it now. That's huge for me.
5. I havent ran since 2/8/12. I've done other exercise, no running.
6. My dog is a big lady. When she runs around like crazy I always tell her "you're why we can't have nice things." it always makes me smile.
7. I was up this week on my weigh in. But this morning I'm down even from last week? What the hell?
8. I think I could spend my life chasing cows. I think they are awesome.
9. Im working this weekend. I like t stay busy.
10. I'm pretty sure I have the best roommate ever! Seriously, I can eat the last banana, forget to mop the floor,


  1. WHOA! You are 20 lbs away from your goal?!?! Hello! That's ma-jor! WAY TO GO! Seriously!

    1. I'm 42 pounds from "ultimate" goal. I think 110 pounds in one year is pretty epic though! Thanks girl.

  2. You are kicking major ass! You will reach your goal in time for your birthday! Itoo love chasing cows....wish I could do it more often!

  3. I like chasing chickens... cows are just scary. They're so big!

    Soda hasn't been that hard for me, either. Just bread. *she says as she eats a whole loaf*