Saturday, March 9, 2013

Weekend~ Parites!

Friday night was a bust... except for the killer Crossfit workout, that was awesome. Food was a bust.

Today we are having my sisters bridal shower! Gotta love a good party!

Then Saturday is a friends birthday party!

I plan on getting a run in on the tredmill tonight and then taking a rest day on Sunday.

I've been denying it, but my knee is kinda messed up, might need to go have it checked out by the doctor.  I am kinda afraid she will tell me that I need to give it time off, ugh.

There is snow on the ground. I sure thought we were kinda done with that business. I hope the sun comes out and melts it all quickly.


  1. Booo for snow! Have a great day today.

  2. Bummer about the knee. I hope it doesn't set you back. But hey, have fun at the party! :D

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