Thursday, March 21, 2013


1. I am so stinking tired... all the time. I think this time change has kicked my butt, big time!

2. I am not teaching school tomorrow! I am going to get up early and play cowboy with my favorite people, CrossFit, then some pamper time in prep for the ol' wedding!

3. We are getting around 30 baby calves a day... ahhh! I love spring. I will get a picture tomorrow and then I will share! My sister also has a mare that is getting ready to foal! ahhh!

4. I got a "new" dog this week. Someone my Sister knows is moving and couldn't take the dog, so she has found a new home at my house. She is settling in well and I already love her! I will post pictures of her tomorrow too! Also, Gracie Lou Freebush went to the groomer today and she looks like a million bucks! I say if I am going to pamper myself tomorrow I might as well give the girl a little pampering!

5. I have new muscles everywhere thanks to Crossfit! I can't wait until more of the fat starts to melt away....

6. When I started this journey, I just knew I wanted to be skinny. That and getting healthier is all that mattered. Ooooo! I so have a knew goal now.I want to lift heavy. I want to have muscles everywhere (not body builder ladies, I am pretty sure you have to take hormone injections to get like that... just sayin') but this journey is now about being ripped, playing hard, knowing that whatever the day throws at me, I will be able to kick in the butt!

7.  Did I mention I am tired?

8. I am jealous of Rockband Barbie and so excited for her!

9. I am also jealous of Vanessa the Banded Warrior and her vacation plans!

10. Is it Summer yet? :)


  1. I am jealous of you getting to play cow girl!!! Love your desire for strength and muscles - I need to get on that plan! The cold air and cold in my sinuses are kicking my ass. I just know the wedding will be awesome - post pics soon and pics of the new (to you) pup!
    Yes - thank gawd I booked that vacation - its the only thing thats keeping me going these days!

  2. Lots of pics to show us! Very exciting that the muscles are starting to show, I think for lots of us I seemed such a long shot to get to a healthy weight that we didn't even think about going one better and being all toned and muscly and mega fit! But you can do it, you big inspirer you! x