Thursday, March 14, 2013


1. Man I have been out of the blogging loop, still reading but not blogging. I kinda fell off the wagon for a bit but I am driving the sucker again now.

2. My Sister is getting married next weekend (23) can't wait for the party and all the fun stuff that goes with it. I am going to get a spray tan and my nails done.... ahh! Maybe we should have a wedding every six months ALWAYS!

3. I registered for the Goldilocks bike race with my sister in law 40 miles of good time... and the jersey's are adorable. I will have to spend the 65 dollars and get one of those!

4. I officially have a Crossfit shirt! Who is a badass? bahahahaha

6. My weight is still up and down and all over the place. I am working on it.. Can't wait until the damn Cadburry mini eggs are off the shelf. This is really the only time of year that I really struggle walking past candy. I just can't seem to talk myself off the ledge.

7. The weather is finally starting to warm up around here. 40 degrees feels awesome! Makes me want to get outside and run and bike... I will need to find a way to get to my Crossfit and my other obessions. Seriously, why can't I just play all day?

8. I learned last night at Crossfit that there is a reason that adults don't do somersaults... my shoulder is bruised to all heck, and I just don't bruise very easily.

9. My Mom is fighting the good fight right now and giving up caffeine! I am so proud of her! 

10. Wanna see what it looks like when you only make 61 of your 63 24" box jumps? My first Crossfit/workout wound! Feel like a Dragon Warrior. Hurt like a beast!~

Keep kicking butt ladies! It is a long fight, but it is a good one!


  1. I totally agree about the wedding thing. Not only is it a huge motivator to look your healthiest, but also who doesn't love dressing up and dancing the night away in the middle of a mundane life? I am in two wedding this year -)

  2. Cadburry Mini Eggs are my ultimate weakness!!! I can not refuse them...ever.

  3. Yay for spray Tans! Love that war wound! - #badass! URgh - mini eggs are the devil. Giving up caffeine..not me, not nevah - that my friend is impossible!

  4. Seriously. They have a special of buy one get one on the Cadbury Eggs at my store. It's like they start singing my name every time I walk in the damn place. #nowillpower