Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday- weigh in

Wanna know something?

I like the things I can be in control of.

I like control my environment.

When I can't be in control, I basically want to abandon the entire process... Sound distructive? It really is.

I will continue to work on that, and I am making improvements.

Thanks Vanessa for talking me off the ledge today.

Scale read 178.8 this morning... not bad. It is headed down and I am sore as heck from my workout.

Nothing like a good workout to get your head on straight.


  1. Love being sore from my workouts!! Totally agree about getting your head in the game while working out. Happens every time for me. /cheers

  2. Nothing like a downward scale movement! Booyah!

  3. Oh yes, miss thang, I completely understand!! I am a let's do it all the way or not at all girl...and I am working on that. Good for you - day by day...