Sunday, September 18, 2011

~Professional Bowling/Bowler

So, yesterday a group from my YSA ward decided that they were going bowling! They have stuff all of the time (I usually just don't attend.) Anyway, I decided to go! A+ decision! First reason... I put on some of my boot cut jeans, that previously did NOT fit! They used to be tight all the way from the top to the bottom (ankles.) Well, not only did they fit, they were a little bit too big! Cute shirt... and I was ready to go!
The biggest change? I didn't feel like a huge girl trying to be small so I would stay out of the way. I danced, I sung, I bowled. I concured! Success: not worrying about your shape for the entire evening! I "heart" bowling!


  1. Let's apply some of this newly-found social comfort to Colorado! ;)

  2. Holly, I agree! Isn't it amazing what can change in a day or two?