Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm having a really hard time 'retiring' some of my old clothes. Almost all of my pants and shirts are too BIG!
It is kinds of weird, because I thought I would be so HAPPY to go buy new clothes, but there is some sadness in losing my well thought out and planned wardrobe. I think some of the sadness come from not wanting to go out and buy "quality things" or at least not many of them, because I'm still losing?
So what is a girl to do? And do you all just donate your clothes to a local DI? I've spent a lot of time and money on my wardrobe and I'm just tossing it out.
I know, I know, it probably seems weird, but weight loss and gain isn't always rational!


  1. sell them on ksl or there is trade in places like platos closet or downtown cheapskate. My other friend just made a killing by selling all her clothes and shoes she barely wears.

  2. Oh Lori,you and your perpetually falling down pants! You are an impeccable(sp?)dresser so I can see why you would be sad to lose your wardrobe. Just use safety pins and bobby pins to make them smaller!