Friday, September 2, 2011

Doberman's Lap-Band!

Zena is my Doberman, she is also one of my best friends: usually a very well behaved best friend. I can leave her home for 12 hours and she just chills, waiting for me to get home and hold her! (I don't leave her home that long often, so all you dog activists can just put your panties back on straight!)
Zena has been with me from the beginning of this Journey! Couldn't ask for a better jogging partner... and here are the reasons why:
1: She is always up to go.
2: She doesn't act like it easy and she has to "wait for you."
3: She is obese too... so the girl understands where I'm coming from (or going to: depending on how you want to look at it.)

Her problem started with a trip to the vet. She has pulled "something something something's" in her leg. Kind of like when an athlete pulls their ACL's and stuff. Anyway, the vet told me to put her on a diet. I explained to him that she only gets 2 cups in the morning, and 2 cups in the evening. He said to cut her back to 1 1/2 and NO running... DAMN IT!
This was a month ago and man is she acting like a BIG girl on a diet. I mean sneaking snacks... stealing food from her sister her VERY skinny sister... today she hit an all time LOW! I walk into the kitchen to find my typically well mannered dog with a 20 dollar brick of cheese between her big old jaws!

I couldn't be mad because I've been there! :) Feel bad for the girl and her grumbling stomach! Maybe my Dobbie can get a band?

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