Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cabin Bliss with a Lap-Band

A group of us "singles ward" kids went to my families cabin this weekend! It was so fun.
Food wise, it was a disaster! :)
Dinner I ended up tossing up, GROSS! I didn't eat more than I should... I just didn't know how to help what there was to eat. You know? We made a dutch oven chicken pot pie. I didn't eat the crust,  I didn't eat the potato's, didn't eat anything I shouldn't, but I had been with these people for 6 hours... they knew I hadn't eaten, how do I tell them "i'm not hungry?" You don't, just eat a little, then toss it up! YUCKY!
Breakfast... for me as a bander, has always been difficult! I wake up really thirsty so I drink 20-40 oz of water and then eat a granola bar or have a yogurt.
That isn't camping food though, is it? So they made bacon, eggs, and pancakes! Old me would have attacked it, new me? I see calories and I see things that might hurt. So I eat (literally) one bite of pancake, one bit of eggs and a slice of bacon. Tonight I'm feeling pretty hungry... so i'm going to have a salad! YUMMY!
Here is to the new me!~ Making changes! 
How do you handle these awkward social/eating situations with people who don't know about your band!


  1. Could you maybe just say "my doctor has me on a special diet. I've already lost fifty pounds so I'm really trying to stick to it." and then take your own food? I bet people would be supportive and you wouldn't have to say anything about the band.

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  3. I love that you posted the same thing twice... it is your old mom brain! :)