Tuesday, April 23, 2013


You know what/who I think is really awesome?

Lap Band Gal

There are many reasons, but right now I am talking about one.

The fact that she weighs in EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY, only exceptions is when she is away from her scale.

She has done it for as long as I've been following her, 2 years.

I'm pretty sure she has always weighed on Fridays.

Wasn't her surgery on a Friday? *Please let me know if I am mistaken.

I used to be pretty dang good at this.

Weighing in every week.

I've tried Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's.

Wednesday's are the day for me.

My surgery was on a Wednesday.

I just think it feels right.

So I'm saying, I will no longer be wishy-washy about this part of the journey.

When I stopped checking in weekly? I started to gain weight.

Every Wednesday I will post it here. Up 6 pounds, down 2, it doesn't matter. Even if it gets redundant because I am up and down the same 2 pounds for a month.

I've gotta do it for me.

Thankfully Lap Band Gal is here to show me some steps to success while I am stumbling around in the dark trying to find my way.

Tomorrow is the day. Last weigh in was 179.2. We will see how tomorrow weighs out.


  1. I agree that Lap Band Gal is awesome. Her weekly weigh-ins are just one reason. I also love her enthusiasm, commitment and reports about trying new things. I started posting my own weight weekly, and it really helps me get a better idea of what is going on. It's hard to be delusional to yourself (one of my problems) when you are reporting your weight weekly.

  2. I do my weekly weigh in because of her. Yes I do step on the scale daily but the only number that counts is weigh in day- every tuesday, same day as my surgery and good or bad I post it and i also log it on my phone to keep a running total so to speak.

    1. I weigh every day too. I have tried weekly and just about everything else but I need the daily "check" on my behavior. I don't let up or down .5 kill or make my day. I just need a reminder that what I eat affects my body. Every. Single. Day!

  3. 179.2 is down from last time you posted your weight. Fly that flag proudly!!

  4. Yep, she rocks it. I weigh-in on Fridays also (since it was my surgery day) but you are right, posting it and being accountable is huge. I keep mine in a written journal.

  5. Thank you for all the kind words. :) My surgery was on a Tuesday: 10/20/2009.

    Keep on going. You can do it!