Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Yellow Rhino Pledge

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I've been thinkin' on it for a day or two now.

I had weight loss surgery.

Same surgery as a lot of my blogger friends.

The Lap Band.

You see, the secret is, that is kinda where the similarities end (other than the fact that we are all a group of badasses, fo real.)

I can make myself crazy compairing the following:

1- numbers
2- exercise programs
3- rate of weight loss
4- Pant/shirt size

Oh man, the list goes on and on.

The fact is all of our journeys with the same tool are different, because we are all different.

Some struggle with drinking their calories (alcohol and other sugary drinks), not enough protien, not enough exercise, some count carbs and protein and calories, some count just calories and protein, some just don't count... oh man, this list could go on and on.

"I'm the same hieght as her and she is 10 pounds lighter"
"She is only 5 months out and has lost 90 pounds."
"She never seems to have a cheat day and binge on the Easter candy."

Now, I love everything blogging has to offer- especially the wonderful community and support I get from you all, it is ME that does the compairing. I know we all have our struggles and our own battles to fight.

I will continue to lose weight. I will always be someone who works out (mentally I just need it and I really like how my body feels.) I will continue to be a better me.

I love my band and I am never giving up the fight against food. One day I won't have to tell myself "I just don't eat like that anymore." I will just know, but until then I will wake up everyday swinging, ready to be victorious.

I am not longer the girl that is looking for the next "fad" diet. I know the secret, and so do you all. Eat your food, don't let it eat you and get moving.

I am pledging to not compair journeys. I will call it the "Yellow Rhino Pledge."


  1. You said that SO well! I do this to myself ALL THE TIME! I need to take this Yellow Rhino Pledge too!

  2. It is so hard- I compare all the time. I always feel like a failure when I do. But, you are right, we are all different and the bottom line is that we are better off from where I started and that is all the matters. Keep doing what works for you. Love the rhino.

  3. Very well said... I am guilty of comparing too much myself.

  4. I love this post!!! I am so guilty of this and it usually makes me sad. Lovin the Yellow Rhino it makes me happy!