Sunday, April 14, 2013

What does losing weight cost you?

In dollars. What does it cost you?

Remember those days when I thought "I just can't afford that?"

I do. 

Know what occured to me today?

I spend 325 dollars a month on being healthy. That does not includ food or new running shoes or new workout clothes.... none of that.

I am not freaking kidding you. 

1. 200 dollars for my loan payment that I got for my self pay Lap Band surgery. 

2. 100 dollars a month for my CrossFit membership.

3. 25 dollars a month for a membership to my local rec center. 

Then if I get a lap band adjustment, that is out of pocket, $65. 

I can't justify spending that money, then shoving crap food in my mouth.  

Get up and get moving Lorie, this is the time. 


  1. Great motivation!! Luckily my band was pro-bono, but even still, eating healthy is what is expensive for me! This is why people are so overweight =( Whatever it takes to keep you going, just keep going, you got this!!

  2. It's not cheap! But it's so worth it, EVERY DAY!

  3. that self pay thing is a killer -- it would be interesting to note how much your are also saving less food? off of certain meds?even if it doesn't balance out when you've paid off that bill and you're healthy and strong it will have all been worth it!

  4. That is AWESOME!! You are worth every penny!

  5. Yes! What a great post. Especially for me, who like you - had to pay for my surgery out of pocket.

    It was the better part of $12,000.00... and I've not been trating it with that kind of care. Time to get back on it!


  6. Great post. I have a loan payment for my surgery too, and my adjustments will be outrageously expensive once that starts... What a great reminder. Thank you for posting this!

  7. That is a lot but I hav eno doubt that you are worth it.
    AND it is better than spending all that money monthly on cigs or beer or something......

  8. Very true, and at the same time I wonder how much it is costing me to be unhealthy. Dentist appointments, doctor appointments, missed opportunities due to lack of self confidence, buying new clothes cause my old ones are too small, not to mention all the cost of junk food. If you think about it, $325 isn't too bad