Thursday, April 4, 2013


1. This is what my Spring Break looked like...

It was fantastic. Good bye winter blues!

2. This is the newest addition to my family- meet Ellie Pmae (the p is silent, like in pneumonia) Freebush.  Gracie Lou and her are the best of friends already.

3. There has been some of this in my life... needs. to. stop.
I have been hungry all the freaking time. I am going to see my favorite Amy on Monday for a little fill. :) The band is about being proactive! If I hadn't needed help loosing weight, I wouldn't of needed a medical device in the first place. I am hoping she gives me a harsh do better talk...

4. This is me at work on Wednesday! I had my niece take the picture because I looked so dashing. My new favorite shirt. 

5. My workout Wednesday face! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE CrossFit! The workouts are great, and the community is even better. 

6. My arms and shoulders are becoming very toned... I may post a picture of that soon.

7. I am going to read the book LBG is giving away as soon as I can figure out how to get the damn thing to download from Amaz@n to my iPad- "first world problems." 

8. I just binged on Cadbury eggs... I am not proud of this, but I am owning it and moving on. To my shame, it is following some oreos from earlier today. :( Ugh. So glad that they are off the shelves. 

9.  Have I mentioned that I love Spring? I do. It seems to be very short lived around here, but it is beautiful 60 degree weather. And there has been rain. Happy dance.

10. I think there should be more hours in the day for me to do all of the things that I want to do... There should be someone I can write to about this. 


  1. #1 ~ Your spring Break is beautiful - I am insanely jealous!
    #2 ~ Your dog's middle name has a silent P ~ this confirms that you are possibly the coolest person I know...I may start using a silent P in all things I name!
    #9 - wish it would be more spring like here
    #10 - If you find out who to talk to about that let me know and I will also send a letter.
    mini eggs = crack. start fresh today.

  2. When I see your dogs named Freebush it makes me chuckle... my mom's family name is Forbush so I immediately think of my uncle and cousins and grandma and grandpa... which puts a smile on my face.