Tuesday, April 2, 2013

-Weigh in-

I'm going to start weighing in Mondays. Which I know today is actually a Tuesday... but you know, yesterday was still Spring Break and I was busy chasing cows and what-what.

The reasoning? During the week my weight is all over the place because of the weight lifting I'm doing at crossfit and it seesm to even out on Monday after my rest day on Sunday. So there you go.

Monday's weight- 181.

Still in the 180's. I'm ok with that, but will be excited when I break back into the 170's.

At CrossFit tonight my sister-in-law said my arm muscles were impressive, made me feel awesome!

Also, locked out a 95 pound thruster- twice! Booo-yah! Don't know what a thruster is? Follow this link.

Sugar free today! /pats self on back\


  1. Patting you on the back and doing a dance of joy!!! So proud of you for taking control and beating the white devil! I have to get on the weight lifting band wagon...my arms are so floppy I could use them to fly. haha!

  2. Sugar free and muscles! What a day! Well done you xxx

  3. You are doing awesome with cross fit! So happy you found something you enjoy so much!

  4. Nice! My arms are anything but impressive. More like flappy.

  5. Great job on the thrusters! That's awesome.

  6. I hope your spring break was relaxing and felt like it was long. Mine flew by and the weather was crappy...however, since I couldn't go outside and enjoy it the weather situation didn't bother me a bit. Good for you for not having to work the day after Easter. I took the day off and glad I did...my aides said that they kids were sugar induced crazy.

  7. Sounds like you are rocking it