Thursday, April 18, 2013


1- I woke up today and wanted to binge on sugar. I didn't.

2- I even stopped at the store on the way to school and left empty handed.

3- #2 should be considered a super power.

4-  I am rocking my workout routine and I can FEEL it making a difference.

5- 5 weeks until Summer vacation... now that is something to be crazy about.

6- We have had the crappiest weather this week. Seriously. We need all the rain/snow we can get, but does it have to be freezing donkey butt outside? And the wind! My hell, the wind. Mother Nature can be a hooker when she wants to be.

7- I am still saddened by the events in Boston. My heart aches every day for our Country and for the World. I don't see anyway to help or prevent these things.
So I did what I always do. I hug my family and remind them that I love them. I say a prayer for the people affected to find comfort.Then I find something good in the day. Maybe 10 things good. It can be simple things- people being kind, going out of their way to encourage or whatever it is. Small, simple goodness. Then I remember that, I hold that feeling in my heart and that is the only thing that brings me comfort.
If I dwell on it I lose hope. I get depressed and I can't function.
I don't watch the news for that very reason. My heart is too soft and I am afraid that the ugly of the World will break me and I will never be able to put it back together.

8-  So these are the little things!

9- I think I really have this weight loss thing under control. I'm going to "hardcore" these last 30 pounds to the park... then go from there. 

10-  My hands (among other things) are sore from my weight lifting this week. My hands are building callouses... I'm trying to convince myself that men will love it:) 


  1. callouses are sexy, don't anyone tell you otherwise :)
    and yes, #2 is a super power

  2. #2 ~ Super Power - I will mimic that power today! Um callouses - I used to have huge ones from working on the farm - I was always proud of them....when I shake a man's hand that is callous free I immediately judge him as lazy and soft (90% of the time those men are also very rich - but who cares). I'm with you on the news but this morning am watching wild..all I can think is that suspect #2 looks like screech from Saved by the Bell. - meh - its the little things in life that bring joy...focus on the little things.

  3. I wonder if that sugar binge feeling will ever go away???? I think you do have a superpower for resisting. I ate more girl scout cookies yesterday...

  4. Superpower indeed! Good job!

  5. Callouses are SEXY and they tell any man that you are strong and a good partner. I hate the sugar binge feeling. Very proud you were able to willpower (verb?) through it.