Monday, April 8, 2013

Somthin' be buggin' me

So something has been bugging me lately.

First, I am never one to look for excuses as to why I gain weight. I know that sometimes my eating gets derailed, or I take a little hiatus from exercise. I just nod to myself, fix it and move on.

The thing is, in the last 3 months I just haven't been able to stop some of the weight gain. I went from 168 (ish) in November to 185 (ish) this month.

Now Novermber and December I didn't get as much exercise in as I should- though November is when I ran Ragnar, so that might not even be true.

In January I started Crossfit- YEE-YEE

I have been going 3-5 times a week since I started. It has started to become Spring and I just move more when I can get outside.

Anyway, I just haven't been able to figure out why my weight jumped so quickly and then just got sticky and stayed, no matter what.

I blamed some of it on holidays and all of that. Then the Winter blues. This Winter just seemed to last for FREAKING EVER.

So I got to thinking. Right before I started my weightloss journey I had a sudden 25 pound weight gain that just pushed me over the edge.
*I didn't think about why because I knew that I had always had terrible eating and exercise habits and I just figured it was the next jump to buying a bigger size of pants.* Just a typical life as a chubby girl, you know?

That doesn't explain this one though, does it? Well here is the deal. I have been on BC since I was about 16 because my periods just get out of control and the cramps make me miserable.

After I decided to have surgery I decided that I wasn't going to add those chemicals into my body anymore and that I would just suffer through whatever came my way with the period business.

It actaully worked out well, until in October of last year the period from hell hit, and I decided to go back on Nuv@ Ring.

Sudden weight gain anyone?

The same BC that I had switched too just a few months before the 25 pound gain almost 2 years ago  that pushed me to have WLS.

It just didn't make me feel right, really lethargic and bloated. So I stopped taking it again (about 1 month ago.)

So I am hopping that, that combined with my renewed effort to stay away from sugar and my .3 fill I got today will get me going again!


  1. Birth control is the devil....I became a completely different person. I put on 50 lbs after I had Gavin because of BC and bad eating habits. I hate that glad I never have to take it again!

    I added you to an album with all our disney pictures. Kayler was so good, and so funny to watch on all the rides!

    Thanks for all you do for him!

  2. I've pretty much been on BC since I was 16 too... for the same reason. I was considering the ring, sounds like I'll cross that one off my list. Hope this change works for ya!

  3. Love it when I have those "ah ha" moments. I hope connecting the dots works for ya!

  4. I hope this works for you. I know how frustrating it is when that scale WILL NOT move.

  5. I'm so glad you figured this out!