Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weigh in and things I love

Start weight 277
Last week: 176.6
This week: 171.0
Weekly loss: 5.6
Total loss: 106 pounds

Now at this point in the game I don't really trust a 5.6 pound loss in one week, but hell, I'm not gonna shake a spoon at it either.

Our friend Amy has challenged us to write a list of things we love about ourselves. Here is my attempt:

Things Lorie loves about Lorie:

1. I am funny.
2. I love animals.
3. I am caring/have empathy.
4. I look cute in glasses.
5. 90% of the time I stay true to me (I wish it was 100).
6. I have awesome eyelashes.
7. Beautiful straight teeth (thank-you Dad and Mom for the two sets of braces.)
8. I love people, just how they are.
9. I am loyal.
10. I can laugh at myself.
11. I am a GREAT teacher!

Ok... I think that is it for now. That was hard.

On to day 3 of the sugar detox ladies! Hopefully no one gets hurt! (I kid, I kid but in all seriousness I'd love an entire package of oreo's and 1% milk, just sayin'.)


  1. GREAT loss!!!! Go you! And awesome list too.

  2. Can I get a hell yah and hooray for your post!!! I haven't read blogs in awhile, but I was super stoked for your post today--and not just because of the weight loss. I agree with every single item on your list...that is an awesome idea to do!!!

  3. Wow...amazing number hon. Absolutely love that list. I like that you look good in glasses. I actually think I do too, but haven't worn them for years since getting my laser eye surgery! Best of luck on your sugar detox.

  4. UM ~ Daaaam! epic loss! Love your list - please add that you are one awesome accountability buddy! Couldn't do it without you!