Thursday, January 10, 2013


1. I've got a nasty flu bug. I didn't teach school today, didn't think it would be productive to be running to the bathroom every few mintues:( I did go to my second job though. I'm feeling ok, but really there just wasn't anyone to cover if I didn't go. I just couldn't be that person that made it so other people had to work longer than they should of had to because I didn't show up.

2. Went a little off track in the sugar dept. last night. No big deal, tomorrow is another day.

3. I am in SERIOUS need of a juicer. I just gotta have one. Problem is I am a CHEAP-O, but can't bring myself to buy one that won't last. What to do? What to do?

4. I know I've posted about it before, but I have a really hard time with artificial sweetners. When I drink a lot of them. For example one 16 ounce bottle of Crystal light a couple of days in a row and It like builds up in my system and I get achey and a weird feeling. It is always the same feeling and goes away if I stop drinking/ partaking of the artificial sweetners. 

All this is fine but it takes away from a lot of options like SF hot chocolate, Crystal Light, etc. It kinda isn't fun. 

5. I'm feeling dehydrated and super icky. 

6. I never blog about it here because my home town is just TOO SMALL and everyone would figure out who was who, or at least attempt and start a bunch of rumors.... but I think I should start a blog about my dating life. A girl just can't make this stuff up, and some of it is just too funny not to share with you all. I will consider it.

7. I've got to get back on track with exercise, make it a priority. 

8. I can't get the iPad I got for Christmas to download my kindle books from Amazon. Driving me nuts. 

9. Went in for a fill on Monday, and the wonderful Amy helped me decided not to get one. It is supposed to snow this weekend and we all know how the weather make my band act like a fickle hooker. 

10. I need to post more pictures of my dog. I got a picture from my friend Vanessa the other day telling me her dogs were cheering me on and it seriously made my day. Maybe my Gracie Lou Freebush could make someone elses day:) 

10 a. Vanessa is a bad A accountability partner I couldn't do it without her.

10 b. I really, really, really, really, really need a juicer. Like yesterday. Why I didn't realize this was such a serious need until AFTER Christmas I may never know. 


  1. OMG ~ You are awesome! Glad you are feeling better.
    Juicer ~ Breville brand is the best - it will last you long enough to pass down to your grand kids. Please Please start a dating blog - it would be awesome! Gracie Lou Freebush already makes my day - I love her name. My dogs full names are - Edgar Allen Puppy and Sammy Davis Puppy. I know...I'm a nerd! Ha! Hope you continue to feel better - that sucks about the diet hot cocoa - I live for that stuff. Exercise....just do one thing more today than you would have done yesterday - and build on that. Like walk jog or do a few sit ups - don't hold yourself to the same standard you would have when you were full on running. Small victories!

  2. Sorry about your flu...Will has it, too. Not fun. Hope you are feeling better by the time you get this comment. On 4, I don't get your symptoms, but just can't stand the taste. I prefer natural stuff. I struggle with getting my water in cuz, let's face it, water isn't exciting. O drink a bunch of unsweetened tea. And, you are right, Vanessa is da!