Thursday, January 17, 2013


1. This girl is exahusted. What a week.

2. I'm tired of starting over, so why do I keep stopping?

3. I would seriously give up if I wasn't afraid of gaining weight, the battle is hard. The battle is never ending. Thank heavens for my friends and people around me that keep me going when I don't have the strength to do it myself.

4. I honestly feel like I can't lose weight anymore. It is up 3 pounds, down 4, up 1... on and on and on.

5. The reason behind #5 is because I'm not exercsising like I should, so I'm trying to juggle it all with jsut eating well....

6. You know I have a hard time with "strict" diets.

7. I wanna be at goal weight- I want to be strong. To accomplish that I have decided to give Crossfit a try. I'm going to take "before" pictures and everything. I'm going to do it because I'm truly terrified of being someone "who once lost a lot of weight." Also because it isn't just about being skinny, it is about being a Dragon Warrior. Well DW's need muscles, not flabby arms.

8. Because I am so intimidated by Crossfit and all that, I have set up a few "lessons" with my instructor friend Billi, so that I can get going on it before I attend an extra class.

9. When you started this journey what did you decide you would do-- you know-- "give up" or "commit to" to accomplish what you wanted?

10. For me I promised myself that I wouldn't let excuses get in my way, and that I would go without other things to make exercise a priority. I forgot that these last few months, but I am back on track now.


  1. I'm so tired of starting over and recommitting. I'm with you 100%. I don't want to be that person either. I want to go to a health spa getaway for a re-boot.

  2. I wonder if girls who've never been obese struggle with their weights like we do? Do they weigh daily (or weekly)? Count calories? Inquiring minds need to know!