Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Sometimes the scale is not my friend.

I was on point and hovering around 177 for the last week.

Then this morning?


I thought about not posting this, but then I remembered my promise.

I had a single slice of thing crust pizza last night.

The night before a weigh in? And after being on point for a week?

Call me crazy.


Last week: 178.2
This week: 180.4

Gain of: 2.2

I'm sure I will be back in the 170's by tomorrow.

No stressing.

Crossfit tonight... it looks like a killer.

What are you doing for workout wednesday


  1. Can't wait to hear about your killer WOD tonight.

  2. thats right keep moving no matter what the scale says. it does not control us, it just helps to guide us.

  3. scale schmale...I think the more we work out and build muscle the less the scale is accurate - go by clothes and how you feel..As always you are a badass!