Wednesday, May 8, 2013


1. On 3/25 I did the following workout at Crossfit...

21 Cleans
21 ring dips
15 Cleans
15 ring dips
9 cleans
9 ring dips

My "clean" weight for the workout was only 45 pounds and I was pretty dang happy about it.

The whole thing took 8 min and 46 seconds.

Last night we completed the same workout, "Elizabeth." I ADDED.


40 pounds, for a total of 85 pounds.

Completed the workout in 8 min and 51 seconds.

This Crossfit buisness works.

2. I could go on and on and on about Crossfit. I just feel like I have found my "thing." It is always changing (maybe repeating a benchmark workout, like the one above every few months) and heaven knows I need me some variety.

My workout makes me nervous. Every freaking time.

3.  I have a 40 mile bike race in about a week... haven't even dusted off my bike yet. I am not going to sweat it.

4. I've been running 2 times a week on top of my 4 or 5 crossfit sessions.
I have found my love for running again, but that first 1/2 mile always sucks. Seriously, I freaking hate it.

5. When I am working out, it is easier to love my body. To find things about myself that I like.

6. I have the hardest time with balance. I am ether Mach 90 or standing still. So I am either working out, eating great, skipping out on every social event and making a point of getting all my workouts in.

7. OR... I am doing the opposite. Socializing. Celebrating with food. My workouts become "negotiable." Jeez. I will continue to work on this.

8. I do feel better when I am in the swing I am in now. I just have to workout so that my head sits on my shoulders straight.

9. 2.5 weeks until summer vacay. I love teaching, but I love me some summer.

10. My two year bandiversary and 26th birthday is less than 1 month away. My oh my where does the time go?


  1. you are a super star!! keep that head on can do this lady!!!

    so jealous you only have 2.5 weeks left. I don't get done until June 20th!

  2. um - 6 AND 7 - right there with you! I'm so jealous of summer vacation!oh and yes #5 me too - I need a bike race to train for....