Thursday, May 16, 2013


1. I turn 26 in 16 days. I'm not sure how I feel about this? I usually am crazy about my birthday, but this year I'm kinda feeling like I haven't got a lot to show for the last year. Ugh

2. 15 days until my two year band-iversary. Not anywhere near where I thought I would be. I thought I had my goal weight in the bag. Little did I know.

3. I weighed in at 181 this morning. 2 days in a row BACK in the 180's... How does this happen? Tuesday I was literally 177. Donkey balls.

4. Still loving me some crossfit.  I am going in for a body fat percentage scan the day before my bandiversary to see what has changed in the last 5months with my new workout routine. I know I have gained muscle, I just wish my belly would shrink. Double balls.

5. School is out in 8 days. Only 6 of those school days. I love my job,but I'm kinda feeling the burnout this year. Some things about it are just too depressing (this coming from the girl that cannot watch the news.)

6. I'm going to up my cardio and see if that will jump the weight loss again....

7. I'm have to renew my DL before my birthday..... I will not be able to out the 145 down that I wanted to see so badly....

8. Confession- all this has got to my head today and instead of eating my chicken and veggies I had packed I ate 10 Oreos. Good work Lorie. Good work.

9. I'm joining Robyn on her no soda for a week pledge. I only have about one sprite per week, but I think that is too much. I will be extending that challenge to only drinking water.

10. After number 8 Vanessa talked me off the ledge, I got right back on track instead of just tossing the day in the trash and eating junk food the rest of the day. I'm calling it a win.

10a. I really believe that I am the only one standing between me and being at goal. Get the hell out of the way Lorie.


  1. Glad you didn't let the oreos get you down. 26 is a kick ass age! You have accomplished so much - just look at the difference of where your head is at now compared to last year! Crossfitting bad ass! Summer vacation is around the corner - I'm super Jealous. Stop weighing yourself daily and only do it once a week if you can. My guess is the weight gain is the muscle... you got this and are a "woman of moderation"! HA!

  2. Glad you got right back to it after the oreo incident.

  3. Ughhh...several weeks ago I ate an entire sleeve of girl scout cookies. Yeah. Very not proud of that one. But you're totally right...the trick is to remember that you're gonna make mistakes and not let it ruin the rest of your day/week/month.

    Good luck on the no soda thing! I always keep a couple flavors of crystal light around and I only put a little bit in, just to lightly flavor the water. I'm way more likely to drink it if it has a flavor...that makes me feel like a kid :)

  4. make me feel old. I have a child older than you :)

    I am sooooo ready for summer break. This last few weeks have kicked my booty...9 alternate assessment portfolios and 8 meetings (ESY and transition to high school) done in just the last 2 weeks. I need a break :)

    I have rocked the no Mt Dew this past week. However, since I replaced it with sweet tea and lemonade I am sure it did me no good :(

  5. Thank you for your post on my blog today! You made my day! I am happy you can relate, and I LOVE YOUR BLOG TOO! You are on my short list of must read blogs!