Friday, May 24, 2013

TTT~ Summer Edition

1. I'm calling this summer edition because it is a day late, and that is how I roll in the summer. Also because I just put my students on the bus for the last time this school year!

2. I don't think I have been asleep before 1 am one time this week. That never happens.

2a. Oy, the life of a single, working/playing/dating girl... it is hard work:) 

3. My underwear have matched my outfit every day this week. Kinda made me feel like I have it all together.

4. I'm still rocking my Girl of Moderation motto. Who is this girl and can she be my new BFF?

5. I'm going to start attending Crossfit at the 7am class. Same trainer that I have been going to (who I think is fantastic) just an earlier class so that the Summer adventures I am planning don't cut into my Crossfit time.

6. I have previously had a difficult time exercising in the morning. I will see how this plan goes and then if I need to, adjust again.

7. 3 people this week have told me I am slimming down and for the first time in months I have felt thin, attractive and like I was making progress towards my fitness goals.

8. The weather here is beautiful and I just can't wait to get on my horse Monday morning and find a cow to ride behind.

9. Change in my routine always makes me worried that I am going to wake up one morning and weigh close to 300 pounds... and be the girl again that lets her weight hold her down.

10. I'm gonna find somewhere to take a nap before my evening adventures take off.

Find your boots and flip flops, it is summer time baby!


  1. Great update! Welcome to summer and excellent work on your fitness goals.

  2. I still have 3 days left with kids :( I am just the opposite about change in routines...I always feel like I will wake up and suddenly be super skinny...of course that doesn't happen :)

  3. Yay! Happy Summer!!! I'm so proud of you being a woman of moderation! I'm inspired! Super jealous of summer vacation and chasing cows! Enjoy every second - and exercise in the morning is bomb - by the time you are fully awake - you are done working out for the day! Good plan!

  4. Hope all your summer adventures are fantastic!